Britain’s Next Top Lesbian Fashion Blogger

Elliot Rose

In a competition that I’ve succinctly titled Britain’s Next Top Lesbian Fashion Blogger, we at Vada’s fashion department are on the hunt for the next top fashion writing talent. We’re after a girl who’s fun, fashion forward, and moreover, a lover of the ladies.

At Vada, we believe that lesbians are massively under represented in the fashion world, which is unfair. Gay men in this industry get a veritable shitload of recognition, yet there’s so little from our sisters in the LGBT family. We know that out there somewhere, behind a myriad of bad jokes about Birkenstocks and cargo pants, there are wonderful women who can write a fantastic weekly blog for us. Hence, we are launching BNTLFB in a bid to track you down and give you the platform that you deserve.

If you think you have what it takes, we would love to hear from you. Either tweet us at @VadaMagazine with the hashtag #BNTLFB, or email me at, telling us why you are the next Miss Thing.

Good luck, ladies!

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About Elliot Rose

You can find me wandering the streets of East London, judging the outfits of strangers. Studying fashion, interning in PR. Likes: Marc Jacobs, bank holiday weekends, pictures of Kim Kardashian crying. Dislikes: Gok Wan, carbs. @elliot_rose