Braun Series 7 – Review

Daniel Wren

Braun’s brand new shaver is, they claim, the most advanced shaver they’ve ever released – with more computing technology than NASA’s Apollo 11. This wonder-shaver glides effortlessly over stubble and packs a real technological wallop.

This nifty shaver proves ideal for the man who demands perfection. It catches more hair with every stroke than its predecessors, giving you a very smooth shave. Its Intelligent Sonic Technology actively manages the power of the shaving system as it reads your face and automatically adjusts to the density of your stubble.

The advanced OptiFoilTM Technology has zones with differently sized holes to capture hairs growing in different directions, for the closest cut. Twin-foils and an integrated cutter of the 3-Stage Cutting System shave long hairs and stubble. With 10,000 micro-vibrations in every stroke, it gently stimulates hairs, making them easier to cut. In other words, this is the SkyNet of shavers!

The top model comes with Braun’s most advanced Clean&Renew system, which eliminates 99.9% of germs and keeps your shaver feeling like new everyday. Its interactive LCD panel ensures that the Series 7 satisfies even the most demanding gadget fan.

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