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Although the sun may have disappeared over the last week leaving us again in a bitter chill, that doesn’t mean that it will last too much longer. Our wardrobes should start to reflect this too. It’s almost time to put that black blazer away and start dressing for the coming warmth. A great way to do this is with the oncoming pastel trend.

This move originally started in the summer of 2012 with fashion designers showing bright colours in their collections with red trousers, which merged to spark a huge increase in fashion pieces appearing in yellow by fall 2012. Now the transition has gone one step further to continue this trend of colour, by making pastel shades being the must have items this season.

With a recent colour forecast found that Ice cream pastels will be a huge hit this year, with a large number of designers and now retailers offering a huge range of colours. The tones give a futuristic feel to their designs. Colours like strawberry and lemon bring a sense of lightness and delicacy to the clothes.

For men this focuses on the lower half of your body, by ensuring you purchase some pastel colour trousers. These can be chinos, khakis, jeans and so on. The brilliant thing about this style is that it will look great in any cut, shape or material, so it’s best to just go for a pair that feels right to you and work your way from there.

The thing that I love about this trend is that it is versatile, it doesn’t have to be restricted to just one season such as spring. If you know how to match these trousers with the right shirt, t-shirt or jumper, it can look great at any time of the year. All you need to do is ensure the right outfit is put together and these will quickly prove to be well worth the money you have spent on them.

Another item that can be easy to match into an outfit and keep looking on top of the trend all year round would be the pastel coloured Oxford shirt. As well as looking great paired with a pair of shorts in the Summer, these shirts can be matched with a cardigan or blazer once the heat starts to die down again, making them a great all rounder.

The pastel style can already be found on the high street at stores like River Island for both men and women at great price, where you can find dresses, vests, shirts, shorts, t-shirts and more in pastel. It shows that there will be no avoiding this trend, it will be everywhere in the next few months. It’s a trend that will have the ability to suit everyone and isn’t too extreme or bold to really put anyone off (I hope).

It’s not just clothes that are taking on the pastel colour but shoes too. Men can find a great range of brogues in blue, green or creams, which for those of you who don’t want to have pastel trousers or shirts could be a way of adding just that little dash of colour to your wardrobe for the spring. To me they look like they’d make a great addition to an outfit, in fact I’ll be sure to grab a pair as soon as I can.

Overall the pastel colour trend is one that will be able to last all year, so even if you aren’t one to simply buy an item because it is on trend this is more like an investment that will quickly prove to be worth the money you spent on it and one which’ll endure. Pastels are going to bring around the brightness and fun of Spring/Summer just that little bit more quickly.

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