Bringing Back The Onesie

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The onesie… infamous, dangerous, and fashion forward? Yes.

Everyone remembers the flannel red onesie you’ve seen on TV or God forbid you actually wore. But these days thanks to the popularity of the jumpsuit, men have pulled through the market an urban equivalent. It shows off your body, is super easy to wear, comfortable, and trendy. The onesie is everything an outfit should be but better… because it’s just one piece.

ed westwick onesie


Like most things, a onesie is not for everyone. If you can not stand confident and comfortable behind your decision to be in a giant piece of fabric with a zipper and possibly a hood, then you shouldn’t wear one. However, it is one of the most versatile pieces on the market right now. No matter your swag, preference, or lifestyle, you can make a onesie work.


For the Hip Student

Throw on your cotton onesie (unzipped)and your hi-top sneakers, a light weight white tee, a snap back and a box link chain and you’re ready for class.

For the Gay Urbanite

Slip into a black, sleek, jersey cotton onesie with a drop crotch and a cinched waist with no hood. Pair it with combat boots for edge, or wing tip oxfords for irony. Smartly place statement accessories and big dark shades, and your favorite designer bag – tote or clutch, no satchels – you’re strategically dressing for a Sunday of coffee and shopping.

For the Grungy Gay

Step into your onesie and your Dr. Martins, put on your studded leather jacket, grab your guy liner, your cigarettes and your Fall Out Boy cd and you’re ready to hate the world.


Personally, I like to mix and match the styles in which I wear my onesies. So I like the sleeker versions, but then I want to wear them with high top sneakers and a studded leather jacket with overdone accessories.


Much like women and peplum, each one is different and shouldn’t be bought without careful consideration and if possible trying it on. If you can’t, it’s always better to buy big and have it tailored to you than trying to stretch out the leg because you felt skinny when you bought it.

Like all things fashion, a onesie is a choice. If you’re going to make it, stand by it and treat it as the sartorical statement that it is. If you make it a joke, people will treat you as a joke. Don’t be this guy:


Be more Rachel Zoe… but with a penis.

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