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Most of us will know the perils of dropping our phones and trying to piece together our lives afterwards. When I acquired my first iPhone, I didn’t give a single thought to how I was going to protect my device, let alone accessorise it. Given that my daily routine is a whirlwind of rushing around and is heavily technology based, I really need to ensure I extend my passion for clothing to include accessorising my gadgets as well. In recent months I’ve gone as far as investing in a Moschino cover for my phone on a bit of a whim, but I recently discovered A site crammed with a great selection of phone covers, tablet cases and various other accessories that will bring style and enjoyment to some of our most prized possessions.

I rarely use my iPad – purely because I only bought it due to the novelty factor – but with the discovery of, I think I’ll be using it a lot more. I have carefully chosen two of what I believe are the most sought-after pieces:


The Alesha Case by C by Covert (£19)

The ultimate in chic design, with buttery soft faux leather and quilt detail, this is the perfect way to add decadence to your iPad. The iconic quilt stitch gives a nod to Chanel and harbours a sense of classic styling.

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Juxtaposing this is the signature pink velvet lining, which will add a pop of colour, and most importantly protect the screen during storage.

The leather tassel pushes this from being a run-of-the-mill case to more of an accessory, transforming it into a clutch-like appearance.

The gold hardware perfectly finishes off the piece, providing another key point of difference to the darkness of the base fabric.

Available in black and pink.


The Varsity Case by C by Covert (£90)

This beautiful case is inspired by the varsity satchel, which makes it the ultimate flourish for any preppy outfit.

A modern twist on a timeless classic, the fabric and colour palette add an element of fun. Crafted from genuine leather, you know that this is most definitely an investment piece – and, given that it will protect your device every day, this is worth the price tag.

The outer name holder will allow you to give personality to your piece – just fill it in with your name or anything else you desire.

With a soft micro-fibre lining, you can rest assured that your iPad will have the best possible care and protection.

Also available in other colours. 

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