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Within the blink of an eye we’ve fast-tracked 2014 into the stressful month of December. Many of us are shopping for friends and family this season, but with Black Friday, Manic Monday and even – apparently – a Mayhem Monday, negotiating the high streets can be a stressful experience. Between Christmas parties, family games of Trivial Pursuit and posting endless Christmas cards, who has the time to shop for presents, let alone pack them as well?

This is where The Chapar comes in. The Chapar is the UK’s first shopping concierge service for men and promises to take the dilemma away from buying clothes online.

The way this works is simple: it starts off with a call to one of the many highly trained advisors at The Chapar. An assessment will be made on the styling needs for your occasion and this is the best part: a package of carefully styled outfits is delivered to your door, you can try them all on, and you only pay for what you keep. The Chapar will arrange to collect, free of charge, the items you don’t select. I have to be frank and say this is the first time I have heard of any such service and with most dotcom retailers keen to grab your money, without offering much of an experience, this makes The Chapar a real innovation in the realm of online of shopping.

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Now let’s say you have a brother who is always hard to buy for at Christmas, or maybe a boyfriend who would rather you hand him his gift receipt before the present you bought for him. Why not invest in a gift card from The Chapar? Granted, I sometimes look upon gift cards as a bit of a cop out – a sort of whimsical way of saying ‘at least I made some effort’ – but this gift card will unlock your very own stylist and, more importantly, a fantastic shopping experience.

As a previous employee of a high street brand, I took pride in awarding only the best possible service I could give, but with bustling crowds and that one customer you can’t shake off, it’s not always so easy to give a personalized experience. The Chapar offer this and much more, and to further make a point, you don’t have to leave your own home. The cost of using this service is the same as trawling around shopping centres for hours, then moaning a store doesn’t have your size or rushing for the nearest Starbucks.

Packages can range from £50 to £1,000 and come presented in your own personalised trunk within 48 hours of purchase (please take into account possible delays over the later end of the Christmas period).

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