CÎROC® on Arrival: capturing emergence

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CÎROC® on Arrival captures celebratory moments of emerging talent across the globe.

CÎROC® Ultra-Premium Vodka has partnered with legendary photographer Mario Testino for its new international brand campaign. The collaboration sees Testino taking on the role of Creative Director and photographer, as he and the vodka maestros look to celebrate the latest talent breaking out in their profession.

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The campaign will see CÎROC® Vodka and Testino handpick emerging talents from across the globe that they believe have skyrocketed into the spotlight and document their celebratory moments of arrival. Testino is responsible for creating some of the most iconic celebrity images of recent decades – to be shot by him has become widely recognised as a mark of having made it.

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Testino’s shots will reference Slim Aarons’ iconic intimate style of photography. Known for documenting the good life, Aarons captured the private celebration moments of the rich and famous through the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Mario Testino will interpret some of Aarons’ essence as he captures the campaign, through his lens, focusing on that jubilant moment of celebration that marks the arrival of today’s talent on the scene of success.

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Mario Testino commented: ‘I am excited to be involved in creating this campaign with CÎROC® Vodka. Slim Aarons has been one of those photographers who has inspired me from the earliest days of my career. His approach to photography and the style that he captured always made me dream.’

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Testino continues: ‘The locations and setting he used were so important to his photographs and always beautiful – they make you want to be part of that moment he has captured. In much of my work I try to capture a moment – a moment that did not exist before and will not exist again. This campaign will take us around the world creating these unique moments with really exciting talent.’

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The first shoot of the CÎROC® on Arrival campaign took place in the London Edition Hotel and stars British actor Sam Claflin.

Sam said, ‘I’ve been lucky enough to have been given some amazing opportunities to be able to do what I love in life. Of course, I have had to prove myself in a lot of ways as an actor which puts a lot of pressure on me, so this campaign appealed as it allows me a moment to celebrate.’

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He went on to add, ‘Being in drama school and all the training you do as an actor, you hope you’re going to make it. But there’s a part of you that’s got to be realistic and say: ‘Look, it might not happen to me’, so to play the roles I’m now playing and to be selected by Mario Testino, who is world famous for creating some of the most iconic images of recent decades, definitely feels like a milestone in my career.’

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Testino handpicked Sam to kick off the international campaign. CÎROC® Vodka, like Sam and the other fresh talents it is celebrating, is newly arrived itself.

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Following the London launch, the campaign travels immediately to Rio de Janeiro in the heart of Brazil as the next shoot location. The image will focus on the spirit of the Brazilian people and their unyielding desire to celebrate life. To complete the 18-month campaign, three other shoots are scheduled in Ibiza, Cape Town and the Alps.

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