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In an age of apps and downloads it’s easy to see our home screens saturated with Candy Crush and apps to that effect. However trivial these are, we still use them regularly, and app downloads, in general, are a growing market. The beauty of this spike in popularity has led to innovators creating features that will aid our daily lives and take the hassle away from mundane tasks. Let’s skip into the present year – and with a new year comes bountiful new apps. One of these new apps is the fabulous Comb.

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An extraordinary app, Comb allows its users to draw inspiration from their icons and surroundings. The premise of the app is to engage users by opening them up to a wealth of clothes carefully ‘combed’ from various retailers. A user simply uploads a photo of an item of clothing they like – this can be a photo of a live garment in a store, or one taken online – and the app seamlessly combs through the net to find items similar to the one you uploaded.

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As a prime example, I saw a jumper online that I loved, but wasn’t willing to splurge on the RRP. I simply used Comb to look elsewhere and within a matter of seconds it had produced more than 30 variations, all at mid- to high-tier price points: PERFECT!

The database consists of over 2 million products, so you can put your faith in its accuracy and the range of its results. Once you’ve located an item you like, simply click on it and you’ll be directed to a page where the item can be purchased online.

This really is a revolution in the way in which we draw inspiration from others and how we shop in general. Given that we all use our smart phones every day, this app allows its users to shop with ease and introduces a fun element of snapping and ‘combing’

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Comb’s creators are keen for their users to fully maximise this app to make their shopping experience easier.

To quote the official press release: ‘Taking its cues from most popular social media platforms, Comb encourages its users to curate tailored feeds by following their friends, favourite style icons and fashion bloggers. In addition to using photographs taken in real life, users can search items found in their feeds. Matches can be sorted by style, brand and price, and can be purchased directly from retailers without ever leaving the app. Comb also has an in-app chat feature which allows users to share items with friends, recreating the social aspect of shopping and sharing opinions with others. With brands and retailers like Topman, Topshop, Uniqlo, AllSaints, The Outnet and LN-CC, Comb is accessible to all sorts of shoppers.’

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Creators Moeez Ali and Liam Doolan have evident passion for this app, due to the unique user experience and their attention to detail. Both from different areas of study, they have pooled their love of social media to create what I believe will be a soaring success.

The best bit about the app is that it is also available on iOS and Android free of charge. I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time and it thrills me that someone has bridged the gap in this market.

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You can follow all the latest from Comb on social media.

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