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Started by young entrepreneur Oliver Bridge, Cornerstone is a new men’s shaving brand perfect for those that want affordable quality wet shave products without fuss. The online service asks two questions, how often do you shave and what products from the Cornerstone range would you like?

This makes the service feel that much more personal and that the products are tailored to yourself and your needs. The delivery service is designed to fit around your schedule, giving customers the option to change items or leave out certain items meaning that your cupboard isn’t full of products that you won’t use nor need!

At the moment there are four products to choose from:

Pre Shave Face Scrub

Doing a scrub before shaving insures that there are no blocked pores and no ingrown hairs in order to get a closer shave. This scrub infuses volcanic sand and cederwood to detoxify the skin and keep it looking at its best.

Shave Gel

Ginger and Eucalyptus help to soothe and protect the skin. Skin can be most sensitive after shaving but using a good shave gel means that the sensitivity will not be as severe.

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Aluminium Razor and Blades

This is the essential. A good razor can be the difference between a good or bad shave regardless of how good the products are. Each razor has five blades along with an aloe vera strip to soothe, cool and hydrate the skin.

Post Shave Balm

Shaving can leave the skin feeling sensitive, dry and unloved. Using a post shave balm can help to eradicate this as it will hydrate and soothe the skin. This particular one has mint and honey to cool, sooth and hydrate the skin. Perfect.

Cornerstone is a fantastic company – one that has its customer’s at the top of its agenda. The products are of top quality and really do work. They are one to watch.

If you want to try these out for yourself check out Cornerstone on their website

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