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We recently spent a rainy afternoon in Germany with Arwed. While taking some photos of Arwed lazing around in his underwear, we took a few minutes to find out a little bit about this German hottie. Arwed wears Dada Underwear, Andrew Christian Underwear, and H & M swim shorts

arwed underwear

Name: Arwed
Age: 24
City: Bremen, Germany
Single/partnered/married: Open relationship
Hobbies: I like to party and dance a lot. I also enjoy taking long rides on my motorcycle and kite surfing. Most of all I love to model.

arwed underwear

Describe the perfect date:
My perfect date starts with the perfect person. Don’t think of glamorous things like big limousines, champagne or the best restaurant in town. In my opinion, the perfect date is a romantic evening at home with candles, a great self-cooked meal, a beer and flowers.

What do you look for in a partner:
I’m already partnered and he’s what I’m looking for. He’s a very cute guy with an awesome smile. He loves me and is helping me become a better person. I like his hot body and his humour. This is exactly what I need, a man who can make me smile.

arwed underwear

What do you like about where you live?
Haha. most of the time I don’t like the weather, but I like how old the city is and also the Weser River, the big lake and it’s green everywhere! It’s a little, big city near the North Sea, which is a beautiful place.

What do you do for a job?
I work for a home care service and manage the organization, including the technical stuff. Also, I’m studying human resource management.

arwed underwear

What do you do for fun? Are you a party animal or a stay-at-home kinda guy?
Most of the time I just hang out with friends. Sometimes I like to stay at home, watch a good movie and play games. I also really like to go to parties – I’m a crazy guy.

What are your turn ons and turn offs?
I like athletic guys in soccer outfits or tank tops. Sometimes I like a “real” man with muscles, yet other times a smart, cute guy can be a major turn on. As for my turn offs, I don’t really care for extreme body-builders or perfect six-packs.

arwed underwear

Best thing that you’ve done or has happened to you:
Let’s say I wake up late, don’t feel great, can’t get my hair just the way I want it and it starts raining. Then, as I’m on my way to work, a stranger smiles at me. Little things like that are simply priceless!

How was the shoot today?
I loved it! The photographer’s a really nice guy, and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. I also loved the underwear.

arwed underwear

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