Depop: Buying and selling that makes you appy

Elliot Rose

What happens when you cross eBay with Instagram? No, it’s not a place where arty snaps of your brunch are sold to the highest bidder, it’s a cool new app called Depop. Combining the selling power of the world’s favourite online auction site with the hipster appeal of everyone’s photo sharing power-app, Depop lets you declutter your life and make some extra cash with ease.

My attention first came to Depop when a pretty fashionable friend of mine ran out of money. Student loan doesn’t last forever (cry), and so eventually she turned to selling off some of her extensive wardrobe to raise funds for wine and rent. Instead of going straight to second-hand’s spiritual home of eBay, she chose Depop for its fun social element. It’s as addictive and fun as any other social site, with following others and liking photos all part of the process. All the cool kids are flocking to Depop.


Subsequently, when my own bank account started to look a little disheartening recently (Lloyds online banking now just says “£LOL” in place of my balance) I decided to get in on the act. Whilst Depoppers can sell anything you can snap a picture of, most people are in it for the clothes. As such, I put up a selection of my things that I just do not need. Over the years, my habit for compulsive sale shopping has caught up with me, and the amount of items in my wardrobe that I’ve never worn is fairly embarrassing. Those snake print jeans from River Island in a size too large were just never going to work.

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Getting the stuff up there is nowhere near as laborious as eBay either, with a really quick process that takes about as long as Instagramming a decent selfie. You can even apply filters to your photos to make your unwanted and unloved items look like they’re prime ecommerce. My own personal achievement was getting fifteen likes on a Topshop version of an American footballer jersey from last summer , and item that is decidedly foul.

And Depop’s not just great for sellers either. With great social features and a purchase process that uses PayPal, the whole thing is slick and easy compared to most online retailers. The bargains to be had are unreal: I’ve seen bits from only one season ago going for less than half off. Even established brands are available through Depop, offering an easy mobile way of getting your hands on your favourite pieces.

In all, I would recommend Depop for all social media addicts that either need to drum up some extra cash, or are on the hunt for a stylish bargain. Go forth and shop!

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