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Summer is fast coming to an end but never fear, a change in season means new wardrobes. This week I have discovered a young London designer whose jackets really caught my eye. Amour LDN was launched only this year and boasts proudly UK-made clothes.

Red Leather Bomber Jacket

I Just love the intensity of this jacket and the on-trend bomber cut is a must have. It can be worn as both casual with a funky tee and acid-wash jeans or add a relaxed feel to your post-work clobber before you head out for a drink. Due to its colour, use it as a focal point in your outfit as too much colour can become tacky.

Amour - Pic 1

Knitted Pullover

Now I am a self-confessed knitwear addict, on the backseat of my car at any time of the year you can find up to two pullovers for just I case moments. I love the texture this pullover has to it, which is both pleasing on the eye and gifts it a lovely natural feel. Personally I would match this with a pair of chinos, some killer sneakers and a cocktail with mates. The thing about a pullover is that whilst it gives you that needed warmth it too hides sweat-blotches caused by nervous first dates and if you have well defined arms it shows them off whilst hiding any tummy you might be worried about.

Amour Pic 2

Black and Gold Panel Sweater

Once again due to the jacket’s accents of gold this would act as your focal piece. If you look closely the gold has a floral print which adds some nice detail. The location of the highlight is clever because it acts like a necklace in the way it draws your eyes attention towards the chest and face. Once again the cut is really good as it fits well and compliments the masculine shape. I would pair this with a pair of black denims and casual sneakers.

Amour Pic 3

You can get all of these awesome jackets from their website and check in with me in the weeks to come as I showcase more independent designers.

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