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It’s the first date. You have finally asked that guy, or have been asked, out. The location has been chosen, but one thing remains. What to wear? On a first date it is all about first impressions, you want to be seen positively. This means you need to turn up looking your best. Those comfy clothes worn around the house simply aren’t acceptable. I personally worry about what to wear on a first date and there are various factors to consider. So what should you wear on that all important occasion?


The Dinner Date

The attire chosen for most dates hinges completely on the venue. In the case of the dinner date, the fancier the restaurant the fancier you must dress. I’m not talking about going all out with a shirt and tie, you aren’t getting married just yet. A shirt is a definite must however. Paired with a nice pair of  trousers, formal trouser for a more formal restaurant can be a good choice. As for the shoes, a pair of brown brogues are a key piece that go effortlessly with most outfits, as well as adding a smart edge. If you’re dining somewhere up market, or not, then a blazer won’t hurt. Just make sure it is the right fit, there is nothing worse than a blazer that doesn’t quite sit on your shoulders properly.

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gay dinner date

Shirt – Reiss £69.00

Shoes – Office £66.99

Trousers – Zara £45.99

The Drinks Date

As with the dinner date it all depends on how swanky the bar is you or he has chosen. I personally wouldn’t dress that differently for a drinks date as I would a dinner date. Normally a few tweaks are all that is needed.  A shirt paired with some jeans is all you really need. You still need to make a bit of effort with this. Drinks can be just as fancy as going to a restaurant. As for the shoes, a pair of suede Derbys or even some loafers can be a great bed fellow for the rest of your outfit. If you want to go a bit casual a pair of white converse is always a good look to go for. While in casual circumstances converse with a good amount of wear and tear can look great, try and keep them a bit tidy if you’re going to wear them on a date.

gay drinks date

Shirt – Topman £28.00

Shoes – House of Hounds (Topman) £80.00

Jeans – Cheap Monday £49.00

The Casual date

This date encompasses a wide range of options. From the cinema to extended coffee, to an art gallery. Just because the date is a bit more casual doesn’t mean you have to dress so. Dressing down is appropriate, but you don’t want to seem like a slob. Perhaps save a t-shirt for a later date. With a casual date you never know where the day might take you, so you need to be ready for all options. A casual Oxford shirt paired with some jeans is the best choice. A denim jacket is a great addition to this outfit or, if the season allows, a nice piece of knitwear.

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gay casual date

Shirt – Asos £23.00

Shoes – Kurt Geiger £95.00

Jeans – Topman £30.00


Fashion and the way we dress is becoming something we care about more and more. Gone are the days when it is just women who worry about what it is they are going to wear. This is an idea of what could be worn on that all important first date. The most important thing to remember is to wear something you feel comfortable in. If you don’t, you’ll spend all night feeling uncomfortable, which is far from ideal. Get the outfit sorted and you’re on your way. Obviously there are other important things on a date, so don’t mess up on those and everything should be fine! Good luck to any fellow first daters out there.

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