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With the summer season imminent, many off us are jetting off to warmer climates to spend some time basking by a pool or the beach. A big part of preparing for a holiday is choosing what to wear, and that frequently creates an excuse to add to the wardrobe. If a new pair of swimwear is on a list of items to buy, here are some options for ethical swim shorts for summer.

LOVE BRAND & Co swim shorts

Love Brand & Co has a passion for creating elegant and imaginative prints, each with a unique meaning or unsuspecting motif hidden beneath a spectrum of colour and pattern. Following the brand’s mission to help support the most threatened species and their habitats from extinction, the 2018 collection looks to the mosaic of nature for inspiration as well as the rich depths and hues of the majestic Maldives. Moreover 5% of all purchases go directly towards Love Brand & Co’s nominated charity.
The Travels to Paradise collection epitomes effortless summer elegance and charm. The swim short range includes:

  • Sailing Away – Inspired by the delicious blues and greens of the tropical waters. A geometric yacht repeat and fresh, vivid colours create a mesmerising summer blur.
  • Coral Maze – Diving down beneath the ocean’s surface to explore the corals and discovering the textural wonder of the surface grooves which can be found in the Mussidae or Brain corals is the inspiration behind this stimulating print. In Coral Red and White.
  • Friendly Fins – This print mimics the graceful migration of the gentle Whale Shark. The dark blue silhouettes of the sharks are placed carefully ‘fin to fin’ leaving the rhythmic and flowing negative space to be explored in a paler blue.
  • Island Sky – The notion of iconic sea planes traveling from one paradise island to the next is what inspired this print. The plane motifs have created an elegant and energetic graphic texture. Soft ceil blue and white have been placed together to create a sense of movement and journey.
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For more information and to purchase LOVE BRAND & Co swim shorts visit

Ethical swim shorts for summer dock and bay

Dock & Bay swim shorts

Dock & Bay was founded by two intrepid travellers who enjoy their lives to the fullest, whilst having a big smile on their face along the way. In 2017, Dock & Bay pitched to Dragon’s Den and secured Deborah Meaden’s investment offer. Their range includes sustainable men’s swimwear shorts, made from 100% recycled plastic (discarded plastic bottles, 6 per pair of shorts to be precise), helping with the global problem of plastic pollution.

The new range of shorts, priced at £30, feature classic and fashionable striped designs in seven different colours (yellow, green, red, blue, navy, orange, and pink).

For more information and to purchase Dock & Bay swim shorts visit

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