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A lover of make-up, I tirelessly try to build up my reserve of essentials and use only the best products. With any make over, I believe the impact always lies with a strong eyeline and lashes that tie the look together. There are so many stockists out there these days that it can often be a game of Russian roulette to find out which truly are the best and desirable. A personal favourite of mine has to be Eylure, as they have a vast range of styles to add volume, texture and/or length to your existing lashes.

A company that has been favoured by many for over 65 years, it’s easy to see why they are the cream of the crop when it comes to offering versatile products. Eylure has immense staying power. I have personally been using their products now for a good 5 years, and I wouldn’t use any others. A bit of a novice still with eyelash application, I found it really useful to watch demonstrations on their website and explore a fab range of pre-glued lashes. You are well on your way to captivating eyes.


With the ‘what look would you like’ feature you can really hone into the look you require and the site will select the best to suit these needs. This is a great way to custom pick your style and is very informative. Eylure to me is synonymous with glamour and sophistication, and this is prevalent among its ever growing list of celebrity followers. So much so that many have offered their names to the Eylure products, to help develop ranges. Most notably Katy Perry and Girls Aloud, whose lashes mostly sold out at the time of their launch.

All the lashes are created with the upmost attention to detail, allowing the wearer to really get a valued product. Another key point is that they’re re-useable. This means you can really get more wear for your money. I find with other branded lashes that they only have a short shelf-life and shed very easily. Eylure however are the polar opposite to this.


It’s worth noting that for every eye shape there is indeed a compatible lash. It’s often the pre-conceived mistake of some, to think the bigger and fuller the lash, the more impact will be gained. However, for someone with a hooded eye for example this will only close the eye up more and actually make the eyes look top heavy and sunken. The site is great for offering alternatives to suit most eye shapes, with fully comprehensive guides on exactly which lashes are appropriate.

I recently had the great pleasure to review a couple of sets by Eylure and I wasn’t disappointed by the results. The ‘Naturalites’ are a great range aimed at more wearable, day-to-day looks and offer a vast variety of products all with this ethos. These lashes are more fanned out and the result is a soft, feathered hit of fullness, to the current lash. Perfect for a much paired down look for the office or just general day wear. The look I would use this for is a subtle eye look with a neutral shade base (such as taupe or caramel tones) with a strong emphasis on the crease. Choosing a shade slightly darker than your base shadow, you can easily cut in your crease and amp up the drama, albeit in a more subtle and wearable way. These lashes are great for adding length and I would be inclined to layer up 2 sets per eye, to add maximum drama for an evening look. Due to the lightness of the lashes, by doubling them up, they don’t look too over the top, but just give the right amount of volume, texture and length. Apply plenty of mascara and really push the boundaries with your eye make-up.

If a full strip of lashes is too much, then there are other options such as the individual lashes. The Ultra Natural come in a variety of lengths all in one handy box. There are 3 full strips of short, medium and long lashes to customise your look. I personally use these for a night out, to add a little bit more volume to my lashes, but rather than go all the way across my natural lash line, I tend to add a few of the medium and small into the outer corner of my eyes. It subtly fans out my eyes, without looking too over facing. I also find with these I don’t need to add additional mascara as the colours available are perfect for getting a true lash colour match. All products come with adhesive, care instructions and tips on application. The site is currently offering free shipping on orders over £10, so happy shopping!

I truly believe Eylure offer great products and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. For further information and stockists visit: and follow the official Twitter account: @EylureOfficial for all the latest news.

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