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We’ve all been there. The rain is lashing down outside and the wind is blowing a gale, so what do we do? We head for our comfy attire and set off to work. Here in lies the problem. The commute to work shouldn’t be a fashion free zone, executed with puffa jackets and sensible shoes. Oh no, this is the perfect time to do some serious peacocking. As the winter months draw ever near it’s somewhat of a joy to think of wrapping up and battling through the daily grind, but as mentioned there are more effective ways to marry style and comfort together.

Many moons ago when I endured public transport, I used to witness a barrage of fleece clad commuters all huddling their way onto the train like a flock of confused sheep. They were lost, but only in the sense of fashion. Comfort doesn’t always mean paired down clothing and dare I say it, Ugg boots. It can be so much more refined. We shouldn’t sacrifice style in the name of a polar fleece and Clark’s finest footwear.

Now you’re all probably thinking, well, what do I wear then? I have formulated a few suggestions and styling tips on how you can make your commute a much more fashion conscious experience:

1. The Coat: choose wisely as this will be the ultimate statement piece over the coming months. Ditch the duffle in favour of something more fitted and tailored. My all-time favourite capsule piece is the trench coat. Favoured by celebrities alike, it is the perfect piece to polish off a look and at the same time provide practicality. Choose one that suits your shape and height. A long trench will only drown a petite frame, so go for something that hits on the hipline. Look for key detail such as shoulder epaulettes and a belted waist. This will give shape and contour without looking like you’ve borrowed someone else’s coat. If unlike me you aren’t vertically challenged, you can pull off a longer length trench that can vary from thigh to knee length. If you need any further inspiration then look no further than Aquascutum. Their brand is synonymous with the trench and provide many a hit in the fashion stakes. Team your trench with a nice chunky snood, peeking out from the neck area. A key colour for Autumn/Winter sees the return once again of ox-blood. The deep tones will compliment most colours

2. The Bag: Firstly I need to make a point that an old Nike rucksack you have had since you were 11 years old is not an acceptable item to still be using in adult life. Nothing kills a fashion follower’s soul quicker than a dodgy rucksack. My personal favourite has to be the Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack. I use this myself and would highly recommend it. The hologram print and flashes of crimson red really add to the sophistication of this piece. So versatile, it can be used by many. A great amount of storage and exquisite details such as the branded gold zips make this a welcome move on from the Nike reject. If backpacks aren’t your thing then go for a nice briefcase style bag. This will shout out ‘professional’ and suave at the same time. The messenger bag is also a great commodity if the last two suggestions aren’t to your tastes. Rather than going for a canvas messenger go for a faux leather. I personally think they look more visually pleasing. Topman has some great versions in store at the moment

3. The Footwear: Now, as mentioned, this is where people quite literally will wear anything that looks anything remotely like slippers, all in the name of comfort. I completely understand the commute can be a total slog and you don’t want to be tottering over in heels (obviously not the guys…well unless it’s the weekend) but there are alternatives out there. A heeled Chelsea boot will really push you out of your comfort zone and will still provide just the right amount of comfort. If heels aren’t your thing then go for an on trend riding boot. Ever present on the catwalks and in editorials, these are the perfect alternative to heels. Go for a patent look if you want to elongate your legs. A great place to invest in these would be Kurt Geiger, or a more purse friendly version from Zara.

These are just a few key pieces that I believe will re-vamp your commute wardrobe. I think you can agree it’s not rocket science, it’s just about getting the basics in place. These are all open to suggestion and you should allow yourself to create your own take on my commuter ideal staples. Happy travels guys and feel free to tweet or Facebook a pic of you in your daily commute attire.


Photo credit: Aidan Brooks

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