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Either you’ve been dumped, you’ve been told you’re just not working out, or you’ve made a horrendous mess of what could have possibly been a really good relationship.

It happens to everyone. It’s happening to me right now. And the best way I know how to deal with it, not move on, is fashion.

There’s an old cliché which says that “Fashion is good for the soul” and I truly believe in this. Whether you’re feeling down or you just need a genuine cleanse, fashion can do this for you.

By dressing up in our finest threads we as the depressed beings that we are can adopt an identity of being someone who is “okay”. Whatever “okay” is.

Wearing new clothes just gives me a sense of pride, confidence and the ability to show people you had good taste in the clothes you wear. It may not be their taste, it may not be everyone’s taste. But most importantly it’s yours. And if that is what is making you feel happy then so be it.

Skinny jeans are great for making you feel thin. Denim jackets and woolly hats are great for those days when you HAVE to make an effort but don’t really fancy it. Oversized shirts for when you have those fat days and last but not least treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. It’s a fact that humans feel better when they buy shoes. Okay, maybe not a fact, but who has ever walked out of a shoe store with a bag that’s making them thoroughly miserable. No-one.

Even the process of new clothes can really make a difference. The excitement of online ordering, awaiting the parcel and thanking the delivery man can give the most depressed person a smile on their face. I’m a big one for the highstreet. In my book there is no better feeling than coming home with a stupid amount of bags, bleeding hands and feet and a damaged bank account. The happiness you feel when you put away your clothes and shoes and accessories can really help replace the love of a good man.

Just kidding. Worth a shot.

But it does make a difference. Try it. And If I’m wrong you have full permission to donate your unwanted clothes to me. I’ll send you my sizes via twitter shall I?

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