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Quirk Box is the brain child of Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia. It is a fashion and lifestyle label that exudes wearable eccentricity.

Jayesh Sachdev is an artist, designer and entrepreneur. He is the Founder/Creative Director of Emblem a contemporary Art & Design studio, and most recently the co-creator of Fashion and Lifestyle label Quirk Box.

Bhatia is a passionate individual, an innovative entrepreneur, edgy designer, art enthusiast and self confessed dreamer. As a designer, she is intrigued by the nature of material, reason for design and history of craft.

We decided to catch up with Quirk Box to find out more about their origins – and about their future. As collaborators, they chose to answer our questions together.

How did Quirk Box begin?

Our aim was to extend our creative forte into new mediums, domains and the creation of a label that we found both exciting and original; we also wanted a label that was unique and showed complete individuality. When art and fashion intertwined, Quirk Box was born. We are synonymous with all things fun, offbeat and innovative. Telling the tints from shades and having fun with the palette feature on our agenda everyday; results are unique prints created in-house, this originality is the soul of Quirk Box.

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What themes do you want to portray through your collections?

Quirk Box is essentially a ‘functional art label’ where we create original art and make it available to the masses. With Quirk Box we see art reflected through fashion and original prints, which is the essential focus of Quirk Box.

The main notion behind the brand is to push forward the concept of wearable art through fashion as its canvas. The theme for each collection is completely different and inspired by our experiences and everyday lives. Prints, embroidery, colour blocking and so on, are a few of the medium through which Quirk Box puts across the original and functional art concept to the masses.

Is there a market for Quirk box within the UK, is this something you want to tap into at a later stage?

There is a massive market in UK for Quirk Box products. The Quirk Box person is fun, unconventional, free spirited passionate and independent individual with a personal sense of style: simply put, anyone who wants to make a statement. It is easy to wear, simple to coordinate, and an instant head turner.

The label further helps you extend your style to your home, office, and make design more functional with its Lifestyle & Home décor collection.

All original artworks and collection designs have been designed so that they have an international aesthetic appeal. We have also done a few events in the past through other online stores and other events, wherein Quirk Box has received an over-whelming response. We are definitely looking forward to expand and reach out to the UK with the concept of pop up stores, and also through other events and exhibitions.

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Quirk Box featured at the Lakme Fashion Week, which is highly prestigious – any plans to take Quirk Box to any other fashion weeks?

We are extremely thrilled and excited to be a part of one of India’s finest fashion week’s, Lakme Fashion Week. LFW opens new markets and target audiences. We are incredibly excited at looking forward to participating at International Fashion weeks, and puttng forward the concept of original and wearable art to the our target markets.

Where does your inspiration come from for the designs and colours?

Quirk Box is about innovation and originality. We strive on creating concepts which are fresh, fun, have international appeal, original and of course Quirky. There is an oddity and sense of innovation that is a virtue of Quirk Box. This oddity or ‘quirkiness’, and an implicit need to be original and fun, is our unique selling point for Quirk Box.

We at Quirk Box are inspired by our experiences. It is after all our experiences that changes every day, and allows us to reflect in our design. We are creating what we enjoy and what we find fun.

Further, during conceptualising and designing each artwork, there is always a theme and a notion based on the colour palettes and designs, which are explored for each collection.

What does the future hold for Quirk Box?

Lakme Fashion Week has opened new markets for Quirk Box. With Autumn/Winter 2013, the street-wear line from the brand has now been retained as ‘Quirk Box’ and the premium, and pret line has been rechristened as ‘Quirk Box Gold’, which was also showcased at LFW. The online market is also growing tremendously, and Quirk Box is highly active on social media platforms. Digital marketing and promotions along with collaborations related to art, fashion and design are a few things Quirk Box is working on currently to expand its reach into diverse markets across and beyond India. Art, design and fashion will always be quintessential to the identity of Quirk Box.

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Below are the images from Quirk Box’s latest Autumn/Winter 2014 collection that falls under Quirk Box Gold – Bombay Balloons Co.

Bombay Balloons 

Inspired by Bombay, it’s vintage charm, glamour of ostentatious cinema, and theatrical order in its chaos, Bombay Balloons is a whimsical, surreal rendition of Bombay’s popular culture iconography. The Quirky glam look is created with silhouettes that are fluid, soft and feminine, enhanced by the use of silk fabrics, colour blocking and delicate texture details.

The colour palette has a vintage overlay with hues of mustard, burnt orange, teal blue, emerald and metal hues of grey, gold and black. The look is complemented with the whimsical jewellery created in-house with elements of the original art prints.

Quirk Box 2

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