Final Fantasy meets Louis Vuitton

Samuel Alexander

Even gamers need their fashion fix, and there is no video game franchise more fashionable than Final Fantasy. After three video games of her own, Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII returns again to promote Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Lightning is no stranger to the world of fashion, with a previous appearance in promotion of Prada’s Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Even in her latest video game appearance, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning donned many different fashionable ensembles that unlocked a variety of different spells and abilities.

Making a video game character (particularly one so divisive in reception, even among dedicated Final Fantasy fans) the face of this collection is certainly a bold move on Louis Vuitton’s part. However, Lightning flips fiercely and shows off every inch of those beautifully designed garments, perfectly digitally replicated by Square Enix’s Visual Works department. If there’s one fierce fantasy heroine that can work an ensemble, it’s Lightning.

Take a look at the quick promo video below. Lightning is LIVING.

A keen eyed Final Fantasy XIII fan might even notice some slight similarities between these ensembles and some of Lightning’s video game get-ups. Perhaps there’s more to this collaboration than meets the eye …

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Get your life, Lightning.

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