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Kate Middleton continues to shine in her own right, but it’s her ability to strike high in the style stakes that keeps us captivated.

Her first recent state banquet was no exception to what we have been accustomed to. Dripping in the most exquisite jewels, its easy to see why everyone (at least half the people in the office, anyway) wants to be a princess.


Historically royals are adorned with the world’s most precious pieces of jewelry, quite literally those fit for a queen. If unlike Kate you don’t have Chopard or Cartier on speed dial, however, you can always steal her style at Taking inspiration from ornate pieces usually only owned by the aristocracy and celebrities, the site offers a fantastic range of jewelry from earrings to bracelets.

Style and affordable luxury is well executed at Gemondo, with items ranging from just £25. With such great price points, you may just well make enough savings to hire a butler (or pay for a pizza to be delivered, at any rate).

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The quality of the pieces is second to none, with the semi-precious stones expertly chosen and the bold metals beautifully polished. If you are looking ahead for Christmas gift ideas, then this site is almost a no-brainer for your partner, sister, mother – the possibilities are really are limitless.

By the way, if any potential suitors are reading this: I would love nothing more than to be oozing regal style this Christmas. I’m not picky – I’d enjoy wearing any of the various rings, bracelets and necklaces that Gemondo has (although maybe not all at once – I want to harness royalty, not Harlem rapper).

At present the site also offers a Christmas guide section, which showcases a capsule range of interchangeable pieces.


For further inspiration and sheer decadence at affordable prices, please visit

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