Four accessories: a Christmas gift guide

Adam Lowe

With Christmas around the corner, it’s that time of year when everyone begins to think about presents for their friends and families – or just for themselves, if they’re that way inclined. So to help you out, we’ve rustled up this quick little shopping guide for the trendsters in your life.

The Barneys Men’s Leather Brown Wallet (priced £25.00) is a tab bi-fold wallet which adds a touch of class to your pocket. Pull a note of one of these babies and you’ll look like you mean business! The dark brown colour means it’ll match black and darker clothes too.

If you’re into something lighter, the Barneys Men’s Leather Tan Wallet (priced £25.00) will match lighter browns, greens, creams and tans.

The Levi’s Basic Belt Gift Set (priced £45.00) is a stylish and trendy option for the man in your life or as a nice treat for yourself – but at a price tag that’s more than reasonable.

If you want to top off the outfit you’ve garnished with your new belt and wallet, pick up the Failsworth Waterproof Sage Blue Flat Cap (priced £29.95) and keep that snow from off your head.

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