How gay is Calvin Klein?

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Calvin Klein, always at the cutting edge of big bulges in saunas and gay bars alike, has been making the headlines in Russia recently for its pro-LGBT iconography. Yeah, you heard right.

A recent CK2 advert caused outrange and scaaandaaal when its latest advert was accused of breaking Russia’s anti gay laws. Of course, it doesn’t seem particularly hard to break said laws.

At Vada we thought that advert was pretty gay. It’s pretty fitting that Calvin Klein has embraced the gays the same way CKs have embraced our junk. But it’s certainly not the first time Mr Klein has been on our side. So here’s a round-up of some of our favourite pro-same-sex moments from Calvin Klein.

1. Let’s ‘chill’

calvin klein gay propaganda advert

If you haven’t seen the advert it’s really clear these guys are getting it on. I mean, what straight men has freshly laundered pink bedding like this, and then opts to chill on said bed with his bestie?

2. Let’s make porn

ck white label

The models in this shot look like they have come from a shoot at Helix Studios. Except the girl, naturally. The only thing that’s missing is a throbbing pole erecting a those tents. Fetch the blue pills, someone, cos it’s fluffing time!

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3. Political nudity… (well, sort of…)

ck world

If the people at the UN looked and dressed like this, maybe a few more people would be interested in world politics.

4. What do you do in your Calvins?

ck overcome

Not sure about you but a lot of my Grindr meets start like this. It’s the old trip and slip position.

5. CK totally likes it raw

ck sexting

This sexting campaign is a little more polite than most hook-up convos. But who isn’t lured into a pair of Calvins by the slogan ‘raw texts, real stories’?

6. Make us Belieb

ck justin

And let’s not forget the Justin Bieber campaign. I’m pretty sure they were aiming this one right at the gays.

Oh, to try the fruit in that basket!

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