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At this time of year, it seem obvious to start choosing our summer wardrobes and filtering in key pieces. However living in the UK, with weather more up and down, than a hormonal woman, this is often a much trickier task to complete. Glorious skies one minute with the mad dash, to hoist on your short shorts, to be met with a slightly cocky blast of showers. If all of this rings true, then I have pieced together a couple of looks that cater, to both weather eventualities.


Modern Lumberjack

The lumberjack shirt has been a piece made synonymous by the not so fashionable farmers, slowly developing into a piece of modern skater’s iconography. It’s nigh on impossible to hit the shops, without distinct variations of plaid, however the styling is often for me a little too obvious. I often see them paired with narrow cut jeans and boots, which can sometimes be a bit too heavy. I have taken the plaid shirt with my look and injected a shot of contrast print and subtle accent colours:

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1-      The shirt (£17.99) New Look

The shirt itself is the staple item to this look and as mentioned, there is a greatly diverse amount to choose from. I selected this by New Look as the colour palette is well balanced and the fabric itself is lightweight enough, to layer during the summer months. Style this by buttoning up only the top 3 buttons and leaving the rest of the shirt open, to emulate a jacket and allow the layering to be made prominent

2-      The Jeans (£18) Topman

Light acid wash colours are key for summer and allow bottom options to appear less drab and serious. This pair by Topman have an extremely distressed appearance and a super tight fit, which for me keeps the silhouette of the outfit proportionate. If you want to layer your top half, then the bottom must be kept subtle and fitted, to avoid looking swamped. The watered down colour of the jeans works with the base off-white shade of the shirt.

3-      The tee (£16.99) New Look

The marble print to this top works well as a contrast print, against the linear plaid of the shirt. The swirl of grey and white is a fresh take on a basic white tee and layers beautifully. The light grey colour delicately pulled through the print, allows the top and bottoms to tie together, while breaking up any large areas of one colour

4-      The Shoes (£69.99) Foot Asylum

Sports aesthetic led trends are still very current and also very transitional. By paring these trainers within our outfit, adds a relaxed final look and a great deal of comfort. This pair work so well due to the muted colour palette and flash of colour to lift the heavily, grey and white staple palette. The printed areas are also accented by the tee, to add more visual impact

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5-      The hat (£10)

This hat with its layered grey variation tones, is ideal to introduce to this look. Taking into account the weather predicaments as above, you will be wise to have an accessory like this, to further complete the look


Trippy Hippy

At the mere chance we do experience more of the summer sun, then there really is no better way to trial bold prints and experimenting with styling. Tie-dye has moved on considerably in the last few years, from a print left to art students, to one adored by all. The modern hippy knows that a key piece, such as the tee is just the right amount of injected colour, to make a bold statement. This outfit takes such a basic and builds a fresh approach, to laidback summer styling:

1-      The shorts (£28) Topman

These stonewash shorts have a real vintage look to them and should be styled with a couple of roll ups on the knees. A lot of retailers have a massive drive on short shorts, however in stark contrast these shorts are the perfect length and can be rolled up, to reduce the length slightly.

2-      The tee (£18) Topman

This is the focal point to the outfit and this candy tie dye is beautiful in its subtlety. The print isn’t too garish all in part to the soft hues, to create the final piece. The tee has an oversized fit to it, which is important to bear in mind, when choosing the correct size. I would go as oversized as possible, to keep the silhouette relaxed

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3-      The sunglasses (£12) Topman

Accessories should be kept to a minimum to stop too much distraction and conflict with the outfit. These sunglasses are reminiscent of the classic Ray Ban shades and the bold blue lenses, provide a pop of primary colour and heralds back, to the tinted shades of the 60’s.

4-      The shoes (£55) Topman

Footwear with this outfit seems like an obvious choice: a pair of converse or Vans maybe? Well I have opted for a pair of formal shoes, with a modern twist in fabrications. The camel colour suede and tan counterparts add dimension to the shoes and pair easily with the rest of the outfit. Introducing shoes such as desert boots and brogues, into your summer outfits, will give a more fashion conscious element to your outfits and move away from the often emulated trainers and shorts looks.

Are you going to be picking up one of these looks this weekend, if you do tell us what you think and whether it got your day off to a bang!

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