Gillette® Fusion ProGlide FlexBall – Review

Daniel Wren

As a man (and occasionally a woman) with a fast-paced life and the need to look my best at all times, the search for the perfect razor is an ongoing process of learning and discovery. When I was a teen, I saw Julia Roberts shaving her legs in Pretty Woman and thought I’d give it a go. The next thing I knew, I was shaven from head to toe, and my trusted weapon of choice was the Gillette® Mach 3. I used this twice a day, every day, until 2001, when someone bought me some Mach 3 Turbo blades.

Though my shaving habits have changed, and I’ve not shaved my legs since I was 18, I’ve still stuck close to my favourite razors. Over the years I’ve gone back to my Mach 3, the Venus (the blades fit onto a Mach 3 handle, so it was a combination of curiosity, clever price promotions and convenience), and finally a Gillette® Fusion – which I have used for the last five years.

I was pleased to discover that Gillette® was set to improve its Gillette® Fusion line with its latest razor: the Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology. Hitting shelves on 17 February , the Gillette® Fusion ProGlide’s brand new FlexBall Technology responds to the contours of your face for maximum contact, and comes in both ‘Manual’ and ‘Power’ (with battery) forms. The FlexBall allows it to slide effortlessly against your face for a smoother, quicker shave. The Power edition vibrates to help stir hairs from their follicle slumber, so that they might be cut more easily.

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The Fusion razor series is a good one: with its aloe vera strips and five blades (plus a sixth blade on the back for precision shaving), the razor cuts close, for a very easy shave. Their ProGlide models also feature thinner blades with a special low-resistance coating. This allows the blades to move more easily through your hair.

I often sport a beard, which is thick, black and dark. However, I very occasionally do drag, and that means I need a blade that cuts the mustard. My existing, older model Fusion is the razor I reach for. After trimming my beard to stubble with a Braun, I go over what’s left with the Fusion for a seriously good shave. How else can I go from this…


…to this?

cha cha storm

But less about how fabulous I am, and back to the ProGlide with Flexball Technology. As you can see, it does the job. The new, pivoting razor cartridge also has a number of key benefits over older models: it catches 20% more hairs in one stroke, cuts hairs 23 microns shorter, and increases skin contact by 23% without catching or irritating. In short: this is one seriously fierce razor.

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