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It’s of no surprise to those close to me that summer is most definitely not my favourite time of year. I love to layer clothing and create a statement, but I’m afraid with the risk of losing half your body weight in perspiration, summer is not an ideal time for such a luxury. I always look forward to seeing press releases of the latest Autumn/Winter trends and this year has not failed me. Many designers have stood out this year, but the front runner has to be Givenchy


Mood lighting and the vast circular catwalk embodied drama and intrigue. The anticipation of the outfits that were about to grace the catwalk is even more heightened by the surroundings. The catwalk lights up and the beautiful tones of an opera singer bellows out, all while the catwalk is dimly lit. Out comes the first outfit, a stunning 3 piece suit all in charcoal with the same colour shirt layered underneath. It all feels very subdued and eerie. Looking over the outfit the detail is beyond exquisite, from the jetted jacket pockets and beautifully cut lapels, to the clever twist on formal shoes with the metal shoe panels.


The 3rd outfit is a particular favourite of mine. The printed sleeveless top with fitted trousers and leather jacket say ‘grunge’ and ‘effortless’. The print work on the top looks like it has been derived from occult symbols and etchings. It’s this small detail that further spurs intrigue as to the background behind the collection. The 7th outfit to steal my attention is an oversized black knitted jumper tucked into a pair of slightly high waisted wool trousers. Key details are the printed/embroidered panel on the right hand chest. Again the formal shoes are worn with the metal overlay piece.


The collection feels like a fight between good and evil. The ecclesiastical prints and occult symbols are very telling of this. The fight between formal and casual is also present in the styling. Suits are teamed with a jacket tied at the waist and printed tops paired with tailored trousers. A few key details that can be pulled from the collection are ornate buttons, leather patchwork, embroidery, metal work, toggles and rivets. All provide much needed key unique selling points and finish off the garments with finesse and an overall look of edginess. It’s hard not to feel inspired when watching this collection. Yes the colours are kept to a strict pallet of around 4 or less colours, but a true testament to great design is the ability to hone style through limited detailing, such as this.

The models stride with confidence, their hair sleek and slightly tousled, it’s hard to find myself not wanting to be one of them. One of the ‘cool’ guys. This is why I love the collection so much. There is something for everyone. The classic suiting for the business types, print work pieces for those into mixing pieces for a cohesive look and the stand out pieces for the eccentrics out there. One of my favourite stand out pieces has to be the patchwork and riveted jumper. The dove grey knit is accented beautifully with the white and black leather lace up patches. The silhouette is heavy and over emphasised to give the illusion of broader shoulders. I see this being worn with fitted drainpipes, some creepers and my Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack. I NEED this!

With the whole grunge appeal to the collection I can see this tickling down into high street stores such as Topman and for the suiting H&M. I really do hope that inspiration has been derived from the catwalk for the forthcoming high street collections. It would be a travesty to not follow through what I believe to be a key look. The next outfit has the same key detailing as the previous piece but worked into a very of the moment jock style bomber. Once again I need to own this piece or at least a well-executed replica from the high street.

givenchy metal shoes

In my opinion this is quite literally the most commercially sound and inspirational men’s collections of Autumn/Winter 2013. Of course this is all subjective to personal taste, but it fits my requirements just perfectly. Drama and style mixed with a fusion of prints and texture is any designer’s dream.

In my search for ‘the look’ I have trawled the internet to no avail except one site. have some amazing printed tops/jumpers and vests all with the occult, dramatic details. All very easy to adapt into any outfit and get a taste for the Givenchy collection. I hope you all appreciate the key details as much as I do and I look forward to seeing people’s interpretations. Happy styling people.

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