A Guide to Las Vegas Fashion

Daniel Wren

No matter where people decide to go on their holiday there is always the very important issue of packing the suitcase and wondering what to wear. That question is as vital as any other when preparing for a trip to Las Vegas. In Sin City, it is all about living the lifestyle of the rich and famous with the look that fits.

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Casino Chic

The first wardrobe decision will be the most obvious one: what to wear in the casino. Now, luckily, Vegas is quite flexible with regards to how people dress on the casino floor. The key factor is not whether a player is donning slick shoes or a dirty old pair of Reeboks. It is more a case of making sure the players are gambling and gambling a lot!

Sometimes the richest of players can appear to look the scruffiest. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Caesars Palace on the Strip or the Golden Nugget Downtown, dress code is often something that gives individuals room to express themselves, and so casinos are usually rather laidback about it. The more comfortable you are at the poker tables, after all, the longer you’re likely to stay and the more you’re likely to spend.

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However, that doesn’t mean players themselves do not care about how they look. Of course, they do! If you’re into the masculine look, then you should definitely consider keeping it smart casual. Smart shoes with jeans or corduroys. A clean shirt without a tie. Then possibly a jacket to finish it off but that is not mandatory.

For the femmes among us, you get to dress things down a bit. The footwear depends on the individual with flat shoes and heels equally acceptable. Jeans could be considered more appropriate. You don’t want to give away the secrets of the evening away, after all! Then top the outfit off with a suitable top to communicate style and sophistication.

Affording glamorous clothing for Las Vegas can be quite expensive, let alone trying to attend one of these prestigious establishments. However if you get the chance to go to Vegas, don’t let that slip. Nothing better that hitting the exciting casinos – the whole strip has a great buzz!

Although if you can’t make it to one of the casinos in Vegas, you can still get the same excitement online. If you want to get started on online casino games like baccarat, slots and blackjack – or even if you want to get in some practice before you hit Sin City itself – check out this casino guide to find all the best sites. Not only can you have the same fun but you can do it while sitting on your pyjamas.

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Meal for Two

Unlike with the casinos, this does slightly depend on the venue you are dining at. If you are thinking about going for a lavish meal at somewhere like Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand or Picasso at Bellagio, then you will not want to take any chances. It will all be about looking sharp and donning your best.

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If you’re feeling like a gentleman at dinner time, you should bring your full game. Wear your smart shoes, your best pair of suit trousers, a crisp shirt, a jacket, and a black tie to complete the set. The tie can always be removed if things get a little hot under the collar.

If you’re more of a lady, think about that little black dress you’ve been fantasising about wearing. This is a chance to work your most fabulous looks and show off your self-confidence. Get that favourite little number out and show Vegas what you’re all about.

If you are opting for somewhere a little less formal such as Joe’s Seafood or Carson Kitchen then you will not really need to change from your casino wear. Keep it smart yet casual. Nobody likes to see somebody completely standing them up in the fashion department at your middle-of-the-road eaterie.

Hitting the Clubs

This is something that will largely depend on the venue you attend. Generally, club wear needs to be loose and comfortable but the style cannot get lost during the process. If you’re hitting a dance club where the music will be pumping and the dance floor will be packed, then more casual clothing will be required. Shoes, jeans, and a smart t-shirt or polo shirt can be worn for a masculine look. For the femmes, you can put on your favourite heels or even a pair of stylish flats, and then combine it with some jeans or comfortable trousers and a vibrant top. Venues such as Hakkasan and Sayers Club are prime examples of where this dress code will apply.

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The more sophisticated venues will demand a more glamorous approach. Places such as Drai’s and XS at Wynn Las Vegas expect the best from their clientele. Members will need to put on their best outfits to make sure they can get in. Keep it classy but also keep it tasteful. Opting for the more expensive outfit does not necessarily mean you are choosing the best outfit.

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Finally, Las Vegas is famous for its extravagant shows. Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Cirque du Soleil, and David Copperfield all attract thousands of spectactors every year and it is easy to see why with their multi-million dollar performances. So how do you dress for a show like those? Well, this is more than the West End or Broadway dear. You will not be popping out for some beers, a Nando’s, and a musical. This is an experience so prepare as such.

There is one word that springs to mind here. Intellectual. Yes, granted, the likes of Britney Spears are not exactly synonymous with the word but the venues they perform at demand such a mentality. Once again, dress to impress. Wearing a tuxedo is perhaps a little far but certainly isn’t frowned upon. Everybody loves the Rat Pack in Vegas. Suiting it up is a must, though, if you want to rock the suave look. To bring out your elegant side instead, try a shimmering dress with a clutch bag to match. Leave your foot print on Sin City by showing them how stylish and fierce you can be.

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