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I hate when people define black as a colour. It’s not. It’s a shade. It’s a god-damn shade. Just like grey. Not only is it a shade but it’s probably the most defining statement piece in your wardrobe.

Black never quits. I don’t care what anyone ever says, black will always be in style. A thousand articles just like this one must have been written but I’m categorically telling you now black is something that will always infect my wardrobe whatever the trends are.

It’s slimming, timeless, versatile, understated, and gorgeous. It’s also quite possibly your best friend. Let’s say you’re about to go out and your gay best friend, whilst mincing about, spills merlot down your new white sleeveless shirt. A gorgeous slim fitted black shirt or that perfect black t-shirt accessorized with gold rings will be just as good if not better.

Need more proof? Craig Green, Katie Eary, Costume National Homme’s and Matthew Miller all showed key statement pieces of black outfits in their F/W collections this London Collections Men 13. That’s just a handful of designers. Try that on for size.

Wearing black is like being at the pick’n’mix counter. You need to pick what’s right instead of jamming everything in your bag. Pick black stretch skinny jeans for those skinny boys. Statement large black coats, maybe even with leather lapel detailing. A bowler black hat paired with a beautiful cotton shirt is just simply divine. Slim fit black t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up gives that hipster “I love triangles” kind of look if you’re into it.

You’ll find that any major high street retailers will always stock black key pieces in their stores. Why? Because it’s their bread and butter. Black always sells. No matter what the trend, weather, season or even craze, black can, and always will, generate a profit.

Black blazers with the sleeves rolled up, sorry Gok, are quite generic to me. Even though it is my safety net when I absolutely have nothing left to wear. Just like the girls have “the perfect little black dress” that is a timeless piece in their wardrobe. I kind of feel the male equivalent, unless you do drag, is the black blazer. But don’t even think about buying one unless it’s fitted, tailored or suited to your body shape. It can genuinely look shocking if you don’t spend that little bit more money to have the perfect blazer fitted for you. Trust me.

Black buckled shoes. Don’t get me started. I adore, fantasize and salivate over these on a daily basis. There is just something so raw about the metallic buckle with a beautiful Italian leather finished shoe that makes me go crazy. It’s just my opinion but that’s what you’re getting from me Vada readers. An opinion.

That is, as long as you don’t full out go black every single day. Don’t get me wrong. All black is a timeless look and suits just about anyone if done correctly, but you don’t want to be known as that gay who wears black all the time. Add a splash of colour every now and then but only a splash.

And you know what they say… once you go black, you never go back. In more ways than one.

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