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It’s fair to say that I have an addiction, an addiction to shopping that is. I often like to call it research, but this is just a get out of jail free card when my bank balance is saying ‘slow down’. During a recent ‘research’ session I decided I was lacking in the accessory department. By chance I came across the profile of Iced Rainbow Jewellery on my Twitter account and decided to check them out. With so many independents out there offering something new and original, it is often a hard claim to live up to.

I am pleased to say this company does however. 10 minutes in and I had a list of items that could quiet easily fall into my shopping basket.

The owner, Tom, is very fashion conscious and this knowledge allows him to perfectly execute stylish, bespoke pieces for both genders. All the products have a distinct touch of beauty with most having Swarovski elements. This is what sets him apart from most handmade jewellery companies, as the materials are second to none and the attention to detail is exquisite. The website (icedrainbow.com) is so easy to use and sectioned into ranges and collections. My particular favourite has to be the ‘rebellious range’ with its array of interesting materials and colour ways, this really is craftsmanship at its best.

iced rainbow

I am often asked how accessories can complete an outfit and the simple answer is they add a point of difference and create focal points to accentuate areas. Iced Rainbow have some stunning pieces to do just that. I recently purchased the Aztec Geo ring which builds into a set, comprising of a bracelet, ring, earrings and necklace. As silly as it may sound I usually grade the quality of products on the weight, as the higher quality pieces will be much superior in density. The ring passed with flying colours, with its polished black gemstone bead band, right down to the pewter square centre piece and beaded central element. This piece really is a transitional must have!

iced rainbow

I didn’t stop there I also purchased the Men’s Judas Cross Bracelet. Now this piece caught my eye due to the multi tonal beads, ranging from a jet black to a rich pewter colour, all accented by a bold red cross as the focal point. A styling tip is to stack this bracelets up, the more the better. So delicate are they that you can afford to really add maximum impact by layering a few from the various ranges. This particular piece is also available with a white or dark blue cross, in place of the red. The beauty with this company being that, as it is all bespoke, you can specify any particular requirements and they will strive to meet them.

So sought after, Iced Rainbow have also been commissioned from none other than singer Beverley Knight MBE in recent years, alongside cancer charity Ballstocancer. The range developed for Ballstocancer adorned the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Ashley McKenzie to name a few, which shows just how desirable these pieces are. Bespoke services include customisation of a range of items from Apple products to clothing.

Now while I’m off to go and thrown some more into my basket, you the reader can also enjoy a splurge, as Iced Rainbow have ever so kindly given our readers 10% off their purchases, from the new AW/13 ranges, by entering the code: Vada10

Happy Shopping!

Twitter: @icedrainbow

Website: icedrainbow.com

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