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Love her or loathe her it’s nigh on impossible to ignore how significant Lady Gaga is, not only in the cut-throat and competitive music scene, but also in the fashion industry.

A born exhibitionist, and one to always strive to push the parameters of the norm, she is any designer’s dream. Often compared to the likes of Madonna and Grace Jones, she is sometimes burdened with the reputation of being a cheap imitation of the past artists. I completely disagree. After all, fashion and music are meant to be inspirational, and of course we all take elements just like she has and future creative’s will. She is still very much an individual in her concepts and style. Fashion comes around in cycles by rule of thumb, so nothing will ever be ‘original’ by this assumption, it will always harness something of the past.

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From ‘Just Dance’ to the critically acclaimed comeback single ‘Applause’, her videos always provide a talking point. For me that talking point is without doubt the styling and general nonchalant silliness. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, much to many opposing opinions. Just like the Bauhaus which ran from 1919-1933 did for art and revolutionising art/creativity in society, Gaga has done just as good a job with her music and tireless hard work, making people appreciate art and eccentricity. It seems somewhat fitting that she formed the Haus of Gaga, a nod back to one of the most influential design buildings in the world. The Haus of Gaga is the personal creative team behind Gaga. The members alongside Gaga are responsible for creating most of her clothing, props and stage sets. Her members include some of the most eclectic creatives, from DJs to stylists.

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From intergalactic robot to the infamous meat dress, it’s quite clear that Gaga isn’t one to shy away from the weird and wonderful. Designers fall over themselves to dress her, and with over 40 million Twitter followers and many adoring ‘monsters’ it’s easy to see how it would be good for business. So much so that in 2009 the legend himself Alexander McQueen provided her with pieces to wear in the video for ‘Bad Romance’, a relationship that would further develop and culminate in her debuting the full edited version at his Spring/Summer 2010 show. The perfect pairing of fashion and music, McQueen and Gaga would forge a strong bond and continue to appreciate each other’s work. After McQueen’s untimely death, it’s understood that Gaga believed Lee looked down on her, to help her write ‘Born This Way’. She was quoted as saying ‘I think he planned the whole thing […] I think he was up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away.’

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Another avid supporter from within the fashion circuit is Donatella Versace, possibly one of the most flamboyant and unashamed designers of the past 20 years, with her sometimes brash and seemingly over the top designs. Gaga has penned a track due for release in November this year titled ‘Donatella’ which is an ode to the lady herself. Donatella, understandably touched by this, was said to have expressed her flattery with an email to Gaga. In which she thanks Gaga for her Geniality, Creativeness and incredible talent. This isn’t the first time she has expressed her love of fashion. In her single ‘Fashion of His Love’ she name checked not one but 4 designers, one of them her closest creative associate Alexander McQueen.

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Her on stage costumes are always the most outrageous and visually captivating pieces, providing the design backbone to all her shows. Something that tribute artists around the world fawn over and strive to emulate. Nicola Marie ( is one of the UK’s best and most sought after tribute artists. Her attention to detail with her own shows and costumes, trawled over with a fine tooth comb, only proves how influential Gaga is. Such people will do anything to ensure that the works of Gaga are protected and repeated to the highest standards, with integrity and gumption. Not only does she have the fashion industry under her spell, but other sub-cultures outside of this as well.

One of my stand out pieces by the lady herself has to be her return to the music industry with the release of ‘Applause’. Hype had been surrounding the return of ‘mother monster’, forcing an early release of the song. The video is an absolute spectacle of sheer madness, quirkiness and undeniable creativity. The fashion industry need artists like her to help push their boundaries and forge an outlet to get their visions noticed and appreciated. Gaga is the perfect platform for this. She is quite literally a creative clothes horse. I am certain that she will carry on to inspire and empower fans around the world with her style and flair. For me she will always be a pillar of the fashion community, a spokeswoman for individuality and self-expression, embodying what the foundations of any fashion house should be.

Welcome back Gaga.

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