Introducing… Binge Designs

Ever since I was a little gay boy playing with my sister’s Polly Pockets on the sly, I’ve dreamt of having Hyacinth Bucket’s face on a pair of leggings. Now that dream has finally been realised.

I have something to tell you about and you best take a seat because the lady of the house is speaking and you’ll want to hear this…

Binge Designs is a brand I recently discovered which turns pop culture into pop art and then puts it on the list of life’s little essentials that you absolutely cannot live without. You don’t need food and clean water. That’s just a lie the government tells you to keep you in line. You need wall tapestries, throw blankets and printed stationery cards.

First of all, raise your hand if you like notoriously camp TV shows and movies like Scream Queens, Spice World and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything? Good, that’s everyone.

And now raise your hand if you like satisfyingly bitchy apparel, throw pillows with faces on and slogan tote bags? Everyone again. Excellent. You love both and you know it. Don’t try to sell me any BS that you don’t because I’m not buying it.

If you’ve ever wanted a shower curtain with (the one and only) Kylie’s face on? You got it.

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Throw pillows with each of the Chanels printed on for your couch to make it fancy AF? You got it.

A shirt you can wear to work emblazoned with Miranda Priestly to tell your colleagues to bore someone else with their questions? You got it!

A mug for your morning cup of Joe saying what you really want to tell the world – ‘Good morning sluts!’? You got that too.

And Victoria Beckham’s iconic ‘Hold on to your knickers, girls!’ covering your bed sheets to impress the menfolk you bring back to your place after an evening of drinking strawberry daiquiris? You’ve frickin got it!

These are just some of my favourite designs, and Binge has tons more to offer! Soap queens, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hilary Clinton, Death Becomes Her, Conchita, Ab Fab – the list goes on with the legendary one-liners and characters.

You need to get on this because I am LIVING for every second of it. My bank balance is screaming at me and I’m like, ‘Hush baby, take one for the team. You’ll thank me later probably.’

I instantly fell in love due to my deep, deep connection with Mama Denise from Scream Queens and that was a door opening that led me into a very special place that I’m forever grateful for. You can get your fill of these beautiful and hilarious designs at

You should treat yourself. You’re welcome.

Vivienne better watch her back. Brogues with tassels, no thanks. Much rather have the First Wives Club on my iPhone case.

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