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Despite the threat of storms and thunder, the temperature over the last week has hit 31 degrees and I, like many others, am pretty much prepared to inflict harm on anything that pushes the temperature up even further. It’s fair to say the great British weather is having a gay old time at the minute. Personally I would much prefer to be fed grapes laid on a glacier but I guess you can’t have everything. Having said that, it doesn’t show any signs of moving on just yet, so here is a comprehensive fashion guide to keeping cool in the summer sun and smoggy nights. A few carefully chosen staples will ensure you keep your cool and still look effortless. Let’s face it perspiration marks aren’t big and they’re certainly not clever.



If you find yourself ready to tear out of a pair of skinny jeans and cool down then shorts are a good option. I’m sure the human body hasn’t quiet mastered air conditioning just yet. Denim in weather such as this is like self-torture, as it is very tightly woven and an extremely non-breathable fabric in heat. A more appropriate option would be something lightweight such as a chino style or even linen. Short shorts should only be worn by the brave and the bold. We don’t need to see an army of awkward guys walking around in their finest budgie smugglers. This would be a violation of my eyesight.

If you’re more conservative then have a great range of tailored shorts to suit these needs. Swim shorts are great if you need a multi functioning short that can be worn at any given time. I will however advise that you don’t wear the typical crinkly swim shorts that sound like the rustling of a crisp packet, every time you take a stride. These really are just for the water and unless you’re an off duty lifeguard, leave them in the wardrobe, or better still in the shop.


The vest sometimes get a bit of a bad rep and divides most of us on whether they’re desirable or not. I believe the reason behind this is the sheer amount of guys that walk around like they were born in a low cut vest. If you haven’t got the body don’t try and flaunt it is all I’m saying. There are some great styles out there that won’t make you endure the dreaded nip slip. have some amazing products. Lightweight printed cotton vests will scream ‘summer slick’ and won’t break the bank. Some of their vests are hand dip dyed and truly are beautiful staples that you can pair with shorts for a strong summer look. If you’re not the adventurous type then head on to H&M where you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to plain basics. We’re nearly there guys, just one last thing you need and that is…


This is where we could divide opinion. I personally have a loathing for flip flops and wouldn’t advocate the wearing of them. Even the name gives me waves of nausea. A more sensible option is a sandal and I have to say looks more on trend, than a piece of rubber hanging from your foot. One of my all-time favourite items of summer footwear are gladiator sandals. No, I don’t look like Russell Crowe, and no I haven’t begun filming a series of Spartacus. If you build your outfit well you should be able to pull of one of the most controversial items of men’s footwear off. I would team an oversized sleeveless tee with a well-fitting pair of short shorts and then of course the sandals. If you’re not as daring then you can’t go far wrong with a pair of lightweight loafers or maybe even boat shoes. Aldo have a good range of those at the moment and should be treated as investment buys.


How long this weather stays around is anybody’s guess, but one thing’s for sure, if you follow my tips you will beat the heat and stay looking cool.

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