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As a raving beauty junkie, nothing excites me more than trying out new products – and this month is no exception!

Working in the fashion industry it’s more than important for me to keep on top of my grooming and, not only that, keep myself aware of exciting brands out there. Because of my job, the first thing I notice when I meet someone new is their hair and skin. I take in every microscopic detail and often begin lusting after what I don’t have – such as perfect skin or long, flowing locks.

The products here have recently helped draw me away from the green eyed monster and have left me feeling rejuvenated. Here’s my roundup of our January Beauty Picks.

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Brock Beauty – Hairfinity


Naturally blessed with thick hair, I have often struggled to maintain any hairstyle for longer than three weeks at any given time, due to the rapid rate in which my hair grows. So last May I decided I needed a drastic change and made the plunge to grow out my hair (think Jared Leto and you’re there). But, of course, as my hair gets longer, it needs a considerable amount of attention to ensure it doesn’t look matted or lifeless.

This dietary supplement from Brock Beauty aims to create healthy hair from the inside and out, which is implemented by its super packed vitamin ingredients. They come in small capsules no bigger than any other vitamin you may take and are crammed with an exclusive capilsana complex, alongside horsetail and countless other components.

The Exclusive Capilsana™ Complex delivers a unique blend of hydrolysed collagen, MSM and silica provides 18 amino acids, which are the building blocks of the protein that gives hair its strength. The exclusive complex also provides sulphur, required for healthy collagen and keratin production – essential to healthy hair.

The important thing to learn is growing your hair requires patience and this is designed to aid healthy growth, it’s not a magic tablet that will grow Rapunzel locks overnight. Taking this will leave you with nourished hair, full of life, within a matter of days. Each serving is a suggested intake of two capsules per day. Each container has 60 capsules.

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Anyone growing their hair – and those already blessed with a gorgeous mane – will know that often hair can be inconvenient and we need to lift it from our faces. This can be due to exercising or working a hectic job – and a hassle-free top knot is sometimes the perfect solution.

This product is completely different to hair bands that I’ve seen before and is unique in its design. Most hair bands are coated elastic and lose elasticity over excessive wear, which is not ideal if you use them regularly. In addition to this, they can lead to snagging of the hair and unnecessary tightness, causing forceful pressure on the hair’s delicate roots.

So how does Invisibobble differ? Well, due to the coiled band it leaves no marks after use, so you can rest assure that you won’t be left with kinked hair, should you wish to quite literally let your hair down after a long day. The bobble also provides a super-strong hold for any style and is sweat resistant, so perfect for those January gym bursts. This can be worn by both male and female clients as the products are available in a variety of colours – I myself have the clear one to give the ultimate traceless appearance.

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Transformulas – Marine Miracle Night Repair Serum


Fast approaching 30 (pray for me) my skin has been bombarded with various creams, serums and toners in a bid to keep my youthful skin.

The range of products by Transformulas have been a staple in my skin’s daily and nightly rituals for many months now. The reason being is that a lot of science is put into each product and the careful selection of ingredients with powerful properties, to maintain elasticity and natural glow.

As we age our skin needs a lot more nourishment, as we lose valuable collagen which helps to plump out the skin. Keeping hydrated will help to minimise this, but unless you combine drinking plenty of water with use of products like this incredible night serum, you won’t get lasting results.

This serum is super lightweight and comes in a beautiful bottle with a retractable dispenser. This water-light formula aims to fight visible signs of ageing, and offers prevention for both younger skin and for mid-life skin. The key point to remember is it’s also suitable for all skin types. Whether you have oily or combination skin, this product will still work to fight ageing, whilst at the same time tailoring itself to your skin’s needs.

The scent isn’t overpowering and absorbs into the skin within a matter of seconds. Apply to freshly cleansed skin and apply a moisturiser over the top. The blue hue is down to the microencapsulated oxygen spheres, which will penetrate the skin and give a much needed boost of vitality.

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Lipsmacker Coca-Cola Lip Balms


Hydrated lips are a must for winter, with most of us susceptible to dried skin due to changes in temperature and surroundings. The harsh and bitter weather conditions leave our lips needing a lot more conditioning and a barrier from the elements.

This range by Lipsmacker gives us such protection alongside the flavour of our favourite Coca Cola brands. When I’ve used flavoured lip products in the past, they have dried out my lips rather quickly – largely due to the perfumed contents – however these are very creamy in texture and actually worked to keep my lips soft for a few hours after just one application.

Compact in size with eye catching packaging, these are easily dropped into any bag or jacket pocket, to give a burst of gorgeously scented protection. I have to say out of the whole multi-pack, my favourite has to be the Vanilla Coke – so much so it didn’t stay on long, because I licked off more than I wore. Oops!

You can find thse tasteful brands on Twitter: @hairfinity @invisibobble @Transformulas @LiPSMACKER_UK.

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