Jockey and the history of the Y-front

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Over the years the humble Y-front has peaked and troughed many times, with most men preferring to wear a boxer style or trunk these days. From my perspective, the Y-front has always seemed like a style for a much older generation – a different class of gent.

However, perhaps due to the rising popularity of advertising men’s underwear in new ways, our perceptions of the once outdated Y-front have started to shift.

The proud but humble Y-front was first created in 1934 by the Vice President of Marketing at Coopers Inc (as Jockey was then called). The inspiration was derived from a photo of a guy wearing supportive swimwear, which led to the drive behind creating the now recognised ‘brief’.


On 1 September 2015, Jockey launched a limited edition Y-front to celebrate the history and origins of a truly fantastic brand. Men’s underwear continues to flourish, with many high profile ad campaigns giving the backbone to well established brands.

Jockey’s cleverness extends not just to their branding, but also to its timeless and well fitting products. With fantastic sales in the US, Jockey is the number 1 selling men’s underwear range there. When investing your time into a company, I always believe that a rich history is important – Jockey has been trading since 1876, first starting out as a manufacturer of socks.

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If all of the above doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy a pair, then the extremely reasonable price tag will – prices start from just £18. If all else fails you can just look at the gorgeous model, showcasing all the potential of those very stylish, very alluring Y-fronts…

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