How To Look Like A Man But Feel Like A Princess

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I am constantly struggling between flamboyance and classic manhood- in terms of my closet that is. It’s hard. I’m a 6 ‘ 3 southern man, with a shaved head and chocolate skin and slight football training… I look like a man. However, I tend to dream in a cotton candy world with unicorns wearing Chanel pre-fall.

Instead of making the decision between queen and banjee, I figured I’d pass it on to all of you. Are you man enough to carry a purse or are you just… a man? As of now, I am on the metrosexual side of fashion with tote bags, manicured nails, loafers and an abundance of accessories. I’m contemplating going super manly for the fall. Quiet as it’s kept, I like fitted suits, white button downs and converses. Plus, with my clothing line debuting this fall, my styling going full force, writing, and going to school full time, I don’t really have time to give Anna Dello Russo face every day. So I’ve created a list of necessities to give me my fashion fix and keep me functional.

Here’s my commercial:

“Are you too struggling with this hard decision? Nowhere to turn? Well lucky for you I have just the solution… Ellison DePriest presents – The Top Things Every Man Needs, To Look Like A Man but Feel Like A Princess. “

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Louis Vuitton Backpack – Yes, the bag is designer and expensive, however: it’s super easy to carry, leaves your hands free, has a lot of room and most importantly… it’s versatile. You can do one shoulder or two, carry it under your arm – if you’re brave, I’ve even seen a few men treat the bag as a tote (but that’s redundant so I don’t recommend the last one). Either way, it’s perfect.

louis vuitton backpack

Money Clip – I blame Adam Gallagher’s recent post on for my new obsession. But it really does make sense. Why carry a wallet when the only thing any of us really need is: cash, id, and credit. It’s jewellery in your pocket. And while some may say it’s a waste of money, I like to consider it hidden couture. Say you’re having a crap day and you’re in your favorite jeans, a beat up grey tee and a beanie. You’re grabbing coffee and you see someone who is obviously judging your small sartorial vocabulary, just pull out your clip and instantly you’re the smartest looking man around.

money clip

Watch – I’m not going to even bother explaining why everyone needs a good watch, because that’s overdone. But what I will say is this, it’s jewellery. They can come as expensive or as cheap as you want. It’s a conversation piece on both ends – what time is it? Where’d you get that watch? Plus it’s super masculine with the ability to be “femmy”.

justin bieber watch

Ring – I like rings. I don’t know why but I do. They are precious, sophisticated, chic and they are fashion. Don’t question it, just buy rings. Rather they be small bands that add a hint of glamour or giant honkers that blind all who gaze at them, you must wear them often.

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Ray-Bans – They’re a staple, they look cool, they’re affordable. Buy them.

ray bans

Sexy trunks – OK, this is important. People do not properly appreciate the importance or effectiveness of a good trunk. Not only do they lift both your front and your back in the best way, as you’re walking to make that special someone breakfast in the morning, but with the right jeans they can peep out the top as you stretch on the subway – you’re essentially accessorizing your happy trail. They look good in your closet, on his floor, and on your body. I suggest Armani, Calvin Klein’s, or Andrew Christian. You’re welcome.

underwear trunks

White T- Shirts – two words… white t-shirt.

white tee

Black Jeans – It’s simple. You’ve heard that everyone looks good in black right? You hear that skinny jeans lift and hide all your flaws yes? You know black is slimming and chic yes? Isn’t that enough?

black jeans

A Good Double Breasted Blazer – This really is just an obsession of mine, and now I pass it along to you. I have currently been living in my Burberry navy blue jacket, but you can really find them anywhere. The most important thing with blazers is the cut. I usually wear mine open with a white tee and black jeans, but I have also tried it close with jean shorts, very school boy if I do say so myself. It’s masculine, it’s surprisingly slimming, it’s useful on a date if your “friend” gets cold, not to mention it’s totally 1940s dinner with a cigar and wing tips. That’s better, that’s cool, that’s interesting.

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And now you know everything you need to know to look like a man’s man. Go forth and prosper.

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