Just Say No To Uggs!

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If there’s one thing in the world that has the ability to make me shudder, it is the sight of someone in Uggs.

First created for surfers to help ensure their feet stayed warm, it is a trend that came over to the UK with a bang. You cannot move these days without your retinas being subjected to what I call ‘an abuse of design’. I am often told ‘but they’re so comfy’ and ‘try them you might like them.’

How I respond to both of these pleas is that my bed’s quite comfy but I don’t try and wear it, and secondly, my feet deserve better. Oh look at her nice top, yes those jeans are working and… BHAM! She has Uggs. Instant faux pas. I believe fashion should be an extension of your personality. So I ask myself, who would refer to themselves as ‘comfy’, I mean, other than a geography teacher?

It doesn’t end there I’m afraid. We now have guys getting in on the act. Joey Essex has a lot to answer for. I wouldn’t quite say that they’re as bad as Crocs, but they have the potential. They’re only one ghetto princess step away from over taking their rival in footwear awfulness. With so much choice out there, it seems crazy to me that men and women alike will happily waste hard earned cash on ‘comfort’ over style.

I may only speak for a minority out there, with a loathing for them (in which case I look forward to having a crusty Ugg chucked my way), but I can’t be the only one, surely?

The design alone is bad enough. They’re completely shapeless in appearance, they provide no arch support, and in the long run will do more damage than good. It’s time to ditch them guys!

Another issue I have, is people who are insistent on wearing them in all weathers, as if they can magically adapt to anything mother nature has to throw at you. You will often see guys, trudging around with what looks like soggy road kill on their feet, as soon as the delightful English weather rears its head.

Wearing them is one step away from making it ok to wear your slippers out of the house. What next, wearing you dressing robe as a trench coat, because it’s comfy? No, enough of this, the madness has got to stop. The fashion industry has come on leaps and bounds in the past 30 years or so, with the arrival of designers such as McQueen and Gareth Pug. It seems somewhat insulting that Uggs are just as well-known as some of our favourite designers, and yet their finished product is horrendous. Poor design and poor product in my eyes.

If you want to try the ‘I’m too lazy to pick a trend look’ then go for Uggs. Even the great Bieber himself has expressed his dislike for them. When listing his turn offs in a girl he was quoted as saying ‘I think Uggs are ugly and I think big sunglasses are kind of overrated’ Now if I’m ever in with a shot, I now know to stay away, the Bieber has spoken.

So in summary, before you embark on buying a pair just remember this: there is no place in fashion heaven for anyone who ventures over to the dark side. The kindest thing you can do, if you have any, is to have them put to sleep or have them adopted by a surfer.

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