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By far one of my most treasured apparel brands at the moment, is Killstar Clothing. As shortly reviewed in my ‘Givenchy Obsession’ article, they offer individuality across all their stock. Heavily influenced by the occult, the prints comprise of symbols and graphics with hidden meanings. To look at some of the prints on face value alone, they already look so visually captivating, but it’s only when you look deeper, that you can truly appreciate the smaller detail in the print work. Killstar strive to offer what they call ‘total trash occult couture’ which adds a truly unique selling point.

With stockists ranging available to the UK and the rest of Europe, this is an ever growing brand, with a die-hard group of followers, including myself. The official site ( provides an array of products ranging from tees to leathers. The branding alone oozes edge and a rebellion against mainstream fashion. The whole layout of the site further cements this. Models adorned with body piercings and dramatic make-up all give that extra impact. So much detail has gone into making the products and styling, one cohesive captivating look.

So stunning are the pieces, that I could very easily play supermarket sweep and take the lot. With free UK shipping on orders over £30, my shopping addiction could well take over. Without a doubt the most captivating and sound investment, has to be one of the many leather jackets they stock. The men’s Studded Leather Jacket (V2) is high on my wish list (£214.99). The leather is one of the highest grade leathers available, a Nappa leather. So exquisite and slightly polished looking, it is accented by other key features, such as the attached belt, jetted zip pockets and stud encrusted sections. This is the ultimate statement piece. I would find this one of the easiest pieces to style with a pair of drainpipes and one of the fabulous graphic tees in their wide range, to give a rebellious ‘trash couture’ look. From a design perspective there are enough unique selling points to warrant the price and it is a piece that will truly stand the test of time.

killstar couture

The current Givenchy Homme AW/13 collection is heavily laden with symbolic imagery and nods to the occult, but Killstar take this concept to a whole new level. Generally, whatever is a hit with fashion houses is sure to be a high street trend in the making. Killstar, however, is more than just a passing trend, they tirelessly work to provide the most unique and sought after pieces from season to season. There are some really exciting developments in the new collections, such as the ‘Get High’ and ‘Abracadabra’ ranges. All are featured on the site with many other exciting products.

killstar couture

Quality is key with Killstar and it’s clear that they settle for nothing but the best. The graphic tees are digitally printed, which for anyone in the industry, will know is a much more expensive process than most widely used screen printed, plasticised methods. The colours keep their vibrancy wash after wash and the tees are constructed from 100% cotton, making the tees very soft handling and easy to wear. I was lucky enough to be sent the ‘Occult t-shirt’ and I instantly fell in love. Again going back to quality, it is not only printed on the front but also the back with a heavily detailed print, and at just £29.99, it is affordable and incredible value for money. I will team this with my vintage biker jacket, ripped Levis and Dr Martens.

killstar couture

It’s clear to see how much I love this company and their offerings, but if unlike me you aren’t looking to delve into a full outfit, then why not check out their accessories. They offer products ranging from beanies to bags to jewellery. After reviewing the accessory section I have now dangerously added yet another item to my wish list, the ‘Crystal Skull Necklace’ (£34.99) Produced in stainless steel and genuine CV crystal encrusting the entirety of it, this a very sought after piece. It is an ideal gift for anyone over my favourite holiday period ‘Christmas’ or even as a Halloween gift to yourself.

killstar couture

All in all an amazing clothing company with its originality and well thought pieces, will mean it is appealing to a wide range of clientele. I cannot rate them enough, as I’m sure Nancy from ‘The Craft’ would agree. Hey, maybe she could even wear her very own ‘Bitch Craft’ tee, another favourite of mine (£21.99).

For further information, including stockists, then visit the website: and follow their official Twitter account: @KILLSTARCO

Happy Shopping!

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