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As a designer, I can sometimes find myself with a severe lack of design mojo. So used to drafting up concepts and producing design after design, I can often hit a mental block. It’s with this fashion block that I often need to seek inspiration in the most unusual of places, be it the colour palette of a fresh autumn’s day, or the edgy styling of the Camden ‘it’ crowd. All this is a great starting point and often allows me to create a ‘look’ on which I can base a collection around. Fashion editorials have long since provided me with the same sense of design inspiration. Up to date and current editorials such as Vogue/I-D and Marie Claire to name a few, have a key investment in me, from a designer’s perspective.

In design it’s often seen as a competition, to see who can out-glitter or create the most outlandish of catwalk shows. However for me I draw inspiration from others and I’m not ashamed to admit this. Often a designer’s prerogative is to take the limelight for a collection and completely dismiss any outside influences, so to take the crowning glory for themselves. Fashion is an expression, a concept brought to life, and I believe the work of others should play a part in our conscious design work.

Kyle Anderson, also known as his pseudonym Kyle Editor, has long been at the forefront of fashion. From his intensely thought provoking styling to his exquisitely keen eye for detail, he continues to inspire my initial concept work.  Easily recognisable as the accessories editor for Marie Claire, he has long continued to provide its eager subscribers with only the very best investment pieces. Often choosing extremely overt products and piecing together a plethora of texture and silhouette, Kyle has shown that self-expression is something to embrace.

kyle anderson

It is his ability to interpret a catwalk look that really grabs the limelight. Never to be seen in last season’s attire, the outfits inspire and ignite my passion. Street fashion is a great place to draw inspiration and pull out such details as styling and this is something Kyle harbours a lot of strength in. Never do I go a day without being updated on the latest looks and pieces through Kyle’s official twitter account. With a devoted tribe of followers exceeding 130,000, it’s glaringly obvious to see that this guy has a lot of clout in the fashion industry.

In a current business climate where to succeed you need intense financial backing, often the overlooked key area to invest time in is exposure. A good review or an impressive featurette can push your vision to a mass of avid investors. This is where the work of Kyle and such editorials have a profound effect. A substantial spread of carefully selected pieces can provide the priceless exposure a business needs. From following the work of Kyle for quite some time, I can confidently say that he has a keen eye for detail and will always strive to ensure only the best concepts and pieces are published.

kyle anderson

I also believe his work provides much needed escapism for some, as the overtly expensive clothing and the fast lifestyle give people something to aspire to. I’m not saying this is necessarily true of myself, but he is of course a great influence on me with regards to design and styling. Fashion to me is about a vision and setting yourself apart from others, a sentiment I also feel Kyle shares. So if you want to make a statement and go against the fashion grain, take a leaf out of Kyle’s book.


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