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Front rows full of the elitists and popping flash bulbs, can only mean one thing – LC: M has arrived, for another round of men’s fashion.

As ever, this continues to be one of the most influential dates in the fashion calendar. Plotting out trends for the forthcoming months, designers are responsible, for what is ultimately trickled into the high street.


One designer that has stood out the most this season has to be Hardy Amies. From the suave approach to casual wear and the sleek aesthetics of their tailored pieces, they’re a Vada favourite. The subdued colour palette is lifted with a drop of soft khaki and zesty orange/yellow, transitioning from casual to formal-led styling.


The prints have taken a sleek approach with linear grid formations and simple shapes, so not to overpower, as often prints can do. Camo is also worked into woven fabrics to perfectly juxtapose the crisp white and unfussy fabrics.

What strikes me about the collection is the attention to detail, from contrast fabric pockets and collar stands to boldly piped seams.

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The collection has been cleverly developed into a very cohesive collection, where each piece is easily transitioned from one look to another. This is the ideal standard when creating a capsule wardrobe, bursting full of stylish and effortless looks.

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