London Collection: Men Spring/Summer 2015 – Day 1

Matthew Hoy
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Topman took viewers back in time to the 70’s with their hippy-esque prints and shaggy-haircuts. One could feel the groove sink in with the appearance of flare-bottomed, loose-fitting jeans and daisy prints. For those who had not yet recognised the underlying theme, look number 11 featured a shirt with “WOODSTOCK” emblazoned across it. Then came the parka’s followed by a slightly more recent 90’s inspired style. Modern Preppy an American-favoured style made an appearance before making way for Cool Britannia. Paisley print, pinstripe and graphic print all featured. The suit took a retro style and favoured a pastel palette. Look number 38 is my personal favourite with paisley print shirt, daisy print turquoise under-shirt, white chinos and trainers.

Astrid Andersen

This androgynous and largely eclectic collection tested the limits and at times was borderline risqué. Japanese culture met sports-wear in what was ultimately quite a peaceful clash of themes (no sumo-wrestler in sight thankfully). The overall colour palette was the orange and soft pinks of a gentle sunset. Mesh-fabric was the favoured material for tight-fitting shirts that fit like sport-bra’s but oozed masculinity (nip-slips galore). The best parka I have seen was from this collection, featuring orange and black for the upper torso and mesh-knit fabric for the lower torso, okay so maybe it was the cute model and the delicious abs hidden beneath the parka but I do deem it my favourite parka to date. The Japanese inspired print-covered fabric was skilfully cut into different sports-wear styles and was really a feast for the eyes. The collection also featured some weird headrests reminiscent of Lawrence of Arabia. I shall be honest and say that i struggled to choose a favourite look from this collection as I loved nearly every piece but if I was prodded to choose It would be the large kimono, matched with the chest-high mesh shirt and loose tracksuit bottoms.

Christopher Shannon

Oversized shirts were paired with baggy shorts covered in bold mismatched prints. Once again the bloody parka made an appearance (May I just interject and say how much I detest the parka?). Horizontal stripes were also a major feature and so was the longer length t-shirt. Bold prints and industrial patch-work designs made appearances amidst the loose-fitting designs. Then interestingly there were a few items with window-like cavities in the fabric. My favourite look is number 22, featuring matching black shorts and button up shirt both featuring the window-cavities.

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