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With men’s fashion going from strength to strength over the past few years, it would seem about time that it got the attention it really deserves. Normally crammed into one day during women’s fashion week, it has always been considered a bit of an afterthought. However, 2013 sees London’s first men’s fashion weekend. Previously, designers have had to leave their base city to ensure their collections are shown. This change has given them the ability to be able to expand and launch their careers in their home city, which we are only too happy about. With this growth we can hope that London will soon be seen on the same platform as Paris or Milan’s men’s range.

London’s fashion week will be seen as hugely influential by the more fashion conscious man walking around the capital. I can’t help but wonder however how many will be getting out of bed in the morning to apply planks of wood to their faces, as MAN’s collection has influenced. Not only does it look highly uncomfortable for the wearer, but it looks just a tad inconvenient. Of course the most fashion forward will argue back that “fashion is pain”. Being a regular follower of changes in fashion I was drawn in by the new collections being given their first showing, constantly searching through the internet for more information; however I think I’ll give this wooden statement a miss.

Over the past few years I have watched the line between men and women’s fashion becoming more blurred, with men now wearing skinny jeans that could easily compete with those found in the women’s range. Lower and lower cut tops to show off a man’s chest continue to blur the line. This year seems to have made a move to rip that boundary apart with J.W. Anderson’s menswear collection featuring male models wearing thigh length leather mini dresses and knee high frill topped boots as they strut down the runway.

If you want to wrap up warm for the winter Sibling have released a super-sized selection of men’s knitwear. Yet they look as if someone’s grandmother went overboard with the knitting needles. There is no doubt that any wearer would stand out in a crowd, but with regular sized hats and gloves available, would anyone really want to wear gloves that are the same size as boxing gloves, paired with snoods big enough to look like a knitted scuba helmet?

Kate Eary followed up these gender bending trends, creating a collection full of PVC and prints and using a generous helping of pinks and floral patterns some may find garish, but that personally I found strange appealing. She further emphasises the look with fake fangs and blackout glasses to give it an edgy vibe.

Emporio Armani seem to have found the fashion trend that could take hold this year with the reintroduction of ‘meggings’ or male leggings. Many have already expressed distaste for the look on women, so it is yet to be seen how men will react when they appear in the men’s sections of shops. Combining comfort and a stylish look, they can be argued as one of the best fashion items created. I’ll be making a move to get my hands on a pair once they hit the high street.

A highlight of the ‘week’ has to be the collection on offer at Topman, starting with white and cream colours developing into a range of vibrant colours showing a progression of looks for young men that want the latest trends at high street prices. Being a big fan of peacoats and winter boots, this range really hit the spot. Not generally going for lighter colours, I found my mind was being changed very easily. With a nod towards the revival of 70s style models, were the large collars, double breasted suits, silk jackets, fur collars (which have become very popular again towards the end of 2012 and a personal favourite on men). Curiously, one of my favourite looks was an orange knitted jumper with orange Peacoat and orange trousers.  Even sock and sandals have made a show, begging the question, has this fashion no-no finally been let go?

Overall this year’s London Collections: Men has opened many doors to new looks and trends for 2013 and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

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