Vada’s super deluxe luxury gift guide (not suitable for wallets)

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Christmas comes but once a year and if you’re remotely like myself, you will have a carefully selected wish list, sent out in an orderly fashion. I admit it does often take the spark out of impulse buying when loved ones are limited to a concise list, but it always ensures I receive presents I can treasure. Now, of course, with the trappings of commercialism and the need to be bigger and better at Christmas, it’s easy to see how we can drive ourselves insane.

Budgets are always helpful when planning a stress-free Christmas and to make sure you monopolise on every pound.

Well, let’s pretend money is no object for a moment. Other than a fast car or a big house, what other gifts do you think you would request?

Below is a list of truly mind-boggling, opulent and down right brash pieces – guaranteed to make you swoon.

I give you full permission to save the images and slip them into your partner’s wallet as a not-so-subtle hint. I can’t promise you’ll get any of them but we all love a trier.

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Okay, so let’s start:

Chanel Boy Flap Bag 


Chanel, the only designer that has continued to satisfy my need for timeless style, continues to extend its rather generous range of small leather goods. Each season brings a new set of bags which are so sought after, they often have waiting lists as long as your arm.

This bag is a beautiful clutch-come-messenger bag with carefully designed details. The leather is of the highest quality, without a stitch out of place, only complemented further by the studded elements which give a modern take on grunge.

A snip at just £3,490, I may as well take 2. You know, one for the food shop and another for work … I WISH!


Custom iPhone


How many of you waited with baited breathe for the new iPhone 6? Figures published by Apple showed a significant success upon its launch, but how many can afford to buy these custom versions?

Company Brikk’s offer an extremely VIP service where an iPhone can be reworked out of platinum/gold or even encrusted in diamonds.

Prices range from $4,495 to $8,795, so I’m not so sure I would trust myself with one just yet. I think you’d need some pretty hefty insurance to use that phone without having an anxiety attack each time you dropped it.

Cartier Panthere De Cartier Ring


Let’s just take a minute to take in this obvious gem of pure beauty. From the highly polished 18k yellow gold to the precious stones, it’s truly a work of genius.

Now, gays and girls, Christmas is a time for giving and I want this … so just make it happen.

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All I need to go with the ring is David Beckham to pop out of a stocking and hand me this on bended knee. Victoria, I love you, but David needs change and I’m it … no hard feelings.

Cartier are masters of creating dazzling pieces and envy amongst those who can afford to wear their designer bling. If I only had a winning lottery ticket or Donald Trump’s stats. Perhaps I need to bag a money maker?

Now if this list hasn’t given you your fill of envy over the festive period, I’ll eat my Primark socks. Christmas really is a wonderful time of year.

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