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Since as far as I can remember I have always had an acute obsession for anything remotely involved with beauty. The one thing that I will always have an extra passion for is make up. Right now you’re probably manifesting images of me walking around in drag with a feather boa around my neck. This isn’t actually the case. Each to their own, but I have absolutely no desire to venture into that subculture. It’s not always the case with men’s make up that you have to paint your face by numbers and parade around looking like a Barbie doll that had no one to play with.

With so many brands out there, and the whole stigma surrounding it, I can completely understand men’s hesitance to try it. But in this day and age where men find it more and more important to look after themselves and preen to within an inch of their lives, what a perfect way to polish off the look. Who doesn’t want clear skin and the tools to bring out their best features? I know I do. It’s all about harnessing your best features and keeping it subtle. For the last 5 years or so I have only on a handful of occasions, ventured out without anything on. It’s my comfort blanket, albeit an expensive one at that.

The ultimate basics of any good make up application is to get the canvas right. Think of it like creating a work of art. You wouldn’t start a masterpiece on a tired, rough foundation now would you? My routine will consist of exfoliating to eliminate dead skin cells, followed by a spray of MAC’s Fix+ to rejuvenate my skin. With the tea tree formulation it soothes the skin and very quickly hydrates. The next step is moisturise. Any brand will work well providing it caters to your skin type. If you’re unsure then ask a dermatologist or the retailer. MAC oil control would be the next step if like me you have combination skin. There is nothing less appealing than a greasy t-zone.

After sleepless nights you can be left looking like a panda with your black eyes. Remedy this with MAC’s select cover up or another favourite of mine is Benefits Lyin eyes. To counter act any darkness choose a shade 2 shades lighter than you skin tone and to eliminate a blue tone to the skin, choose a concealer with a pinkie undertone. For a greenish complexion, choose a concealer with a blue tone to it. Foundation is hard to master but with the correct advice and guidance you should pick wisely. For a medium to high coverage I recommend MAC studio fix or Estee Lauder double wear. For a dewier glow and a sheer finish then MAC face and body will be ideal. Not a fan of liquid foundations, I tend to use a mineral base, which so happens to yet again be a MAC product (MAC mineralize)

I will give you a breakdown of the 5 products that you must invest in as a beginner:

– MAC Prep and Prime : The ideal base to use after your daily skincare routine, to even out the skin tone and leave a satin finish to the skin.

– YSL Touch Eclat : This comes in a variety of tones to cater to most people needs, but it’s the solid coverage that makes this a must.

– MAC face and body foundation : A very low concentrated product and very lightweight. It will leave a dewy glow to the skin and requires very minimal application.

– Chanel Bronze Universel: This light cream gel bronzer with velvety finish, will give a sun kissed glow to areas of your face that the sun would hit. Such as cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose and temples to add contouring and structure to the face

– MAC Brow Set: A brush on gel shapes the brows without flaking or stiffening.

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