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Welcome to January!


Either your hangover has subsided or you’re still laying under the covers and claiming you’re actually infact ill. Well readers I’m here to tell you it’s time to man up.  And that’s exactly what this month is all about.  It’s our man month.  We at Vada Fashion will be giving to you the latest in menswear all month long.  Expect, as usual, a different take on the subject and how we feel it fits in with the fashion industry recently.

For me it’s important to introduce this month’s theme as it is of particular interest to myself, as fashion editor.  Menswear has, until recently, been largely overlooked but however with programs such as NEWGEN MEN and Fashion East Menswear Installations exposing the latest in menswear talent at LC:M ( London collections men ) it’s now of pivotal importance we expose the talent and designs of British menswear, and menswear in general.  Last year at LC:M we saw beautifully crafted collections which had us reaching for our wallets the minute they hit the catwalk. And this year, I anticipate, is no different.  With the genius work of Lee Roach and his simple minimalistic approach to design, and Shaun Samson’s modern streetwear looks parading up and down the catwalk, I am so excited to be delivering the good news of menswear to you after LC:M finishes.

Not only does menswear relate to a large proportion of our readers I ponder sometimes why, in some cases, it can be saddled as a side car to the motorbike of fashion. In large department stores menswear is always situated with kids-wear or home wear and it infuriates me. It matters that we as menswear fans have the right to see the entire collections in all it’s glory. With Savile Row tailoring on the rise and the likes of David Gandy featuring heavily in the press we can see that the dapper chapper, street stylist and general ” man about town ” are on the rise, and have been for quite some time !

“There has been a change in men’s attitudes toward their clothes. Men are more aware of fashion; they’re not afraid of it.” Calvin Klein. Spoken by one of the greatest menswear designers of all time, I’m sure a fair few of you own a pair or two of his superb underwear, he knows what he’s talking about and I couldn’t agree more with Mr Klein.  It is now the time we start embracing the brilliance and craftsmanship of menswear and incorporating it throughout every fibre of our fashion identity.


This month we hope to give you inspiration and passion for menswear, just as we have at Vada Fashion!  Let us know what you think about menswear in it’s current state, tweet about it, write about it but above all else – celebrate it with us



Happy January !


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