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Beauty products and cosmetics used to be considered a woman’s domain. But since Victoria Beckham started dressing her husband and applying his make-up, more and more men have started looking after themselves and having a good old pamper. While personally I believe that if something works for you, regardless of gender, then it works, some men believe that a certain company isn’t for them because they associate the brand or company with women.

Lush is one of those companies. Whilst a lot of men already shop with Lush, there are plenty who still believe that if it doesn’t have ‘For Men’ on the label that men can’t use it. If you are unsure of what to try from Lush, these products are perfect.

LUSH - Ocean Salt 250g


Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

One of Lush’s worldwide top sellers! With sea salt, coconut, lemon and lime extracted in vodka, this salty scrub will help to make your skin soft and smooth. Perfect to use before shaving, once or twice a week, this will help lift the hairs meaning for a closer shave and there will be a decreased chance of ingrown hairs. It’s also fantastic to use with Prince shaving cream – another personal favourite – and Cosmetic Lad facial moisturiser. There is also a self-preserved version which has all the preservatives of the original formula taken out and more sea salt added in. The effect and price are still the same and is something Lush is working on in the future. £13.95 for 250g

LUSH - Lord_of_misrule

Lord of Misrule Bath Ballistic

Out for Halloween, Lord of Misrule is back after proving to be a very popular bath bomb last year that makes you feel like you are bathing in wine! Inspired by the Pagan Feast of fools this gorgeous duel-layered bath ballistic and its spicy fragrance is perfect for Winter/Autumn. Black Pepper, Vanilla and Patchouli will also help with any muscle aches and pains too! After Christmas, Lord of Misrule will be gone! Alternatives would be Fizzbanger or Big Blue. £3.50

LUSH - New

New Shampoo Bar

This is a shampoo bar filled with cinnamon, clove and peppermint. It looks like a soap bar and is perfect to use when travelling or when you want a quick fix. Just wet the bar, rub it onto your hair and massage the foamy lather in. This one is particularly good as it will help to stimulate the scalp meaning that the hair will therefore become stronger leading to longer hair! £5.75

LUSH - Dirty Springwash 250g


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Dirty Shower Gel

Whilst all of the shower gels are unisex this is one that most men love. Menthol infused Dirty Springwash is the shower gel that I go to when I want to wake up in the morning and this turquoise liquid surely does that! Part of the Dirty range Lush also has the Dirty perfume/body spray, shaving cream, toothy tabs, soap and styling hair cream! The Lush men essentials. Price ranges from £4.75 to £15.95

LUSH - Smugglers Soul

Smuggler’s Soul

Inspired by a sandalwood smuggler this fragrance is deliciously earthy yet warming and uplifting. Infused with two different types of sandalwood as well as lemongrass oil and Madagascan vetivert oil, this scent is really masculine and is perfect for those that already love Lush fragrances such as Karma or Breath of God. Smuggler’s Soul is a new fragrance released from their ‘Volume 3: Death, Decay and Renewal’ perfume collection. All of the scents from this range are available to buy from the Gorilla Perfume shop in Camden Passage, Islington in London with Smuggler’s Soul being available to buy nationwide. £54 for 50ml

Of course these are just a few products that stereotypically men will enjoy. It’s all about finding your own products that work for you and you enjoy. What works for one person may not work for you. It’s all about trial and error. That’s partly why cosmetics can be exciting, evocative and enthralling. Next time you’re in Lush, why not have a full consultation and try and find the product best for you. Once you’re in there the scent isn’t overpowering and you will wish you had been in there sooner!

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