The “Men In Cities” Holiday Gift Guide

John Ersing

Anyone who spends the holiday season worrying about financing their gift-giving is doing it wrong. The holidays are a time for spending with loved ones, and constantly worrying about one’s wallet in order to buy expensive presents for one’s closest friends and family should not be a part of the equation. Which is why Men In Cities, a new men’s lifestyle and accessories concept with a digital touchpoint, has released a fantastic Holiday Gift Guide featuring unisex pieces with something for everyone—the best part? Nothing is over $40 (no typo!)

Founded by jewelry designer Yuvi Alpert, Men In Cities is “For guys who find accessorizing intimidating,” according to the New York Times. That’s why their Holiday Gift Guide is perfect for the guy (or gal!) in one’s life. Plenty of men want to incorporate jewelry and accessories into their wardrobe, but don’t know how (I’m one of them; the only piece of jewelry I own is my Giles & Brother skinny railroad spike cuff–another great gift item, now that I think about it, as you can customize the embossed text.) As for the ladies, I know there are plenty out there who would find the concept compelling in terms of upgrading your man’s style. How many times have my girlfriends come to me with problems about their boyfriends’ wardrobes? “How do I get him to wear slimmer cut jeans?” they ask me. “I just want him to get out of his Hot Topic graphic t-shirt phase!” Here’s the chance, jump on it—and show your man how to look his best.

men in city

Titled “Gifting Made Easy,” the Men In Cities holiday guide offers a wide range of lifestyle items that spans the accessories gamut. From a breast wallet to a touch-screen pair of winter gloves and even a flask boasting a cheery “L’Chaim,” there’s definitely something that’ll resonate with a man (or woman) in your life. Alternatively, try out a Men In Cities gift card if you know something’s for him or her but can’t quite place a finger on what they would want or need.

men in city

Men In Cities announces fresh monthly accessories collections with everything done in-house. That means no more massive selection and subsequent decision fatigue. A well-edited selection of new product is presented each month at affordable price points, including bracelets, money clips, pens, wallets, and more. How is the price kept so low? Strategic production. “We source our own materials and work closely with different manufacturers that I have established relationships with. Selling [directly] online allows us to focus on quality and detail while still keeping prices low,” says Alpert. “We want the focus to be on design rather than price.” Now that’s progressive.

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