4 great men’s rucksacks for your summer travels

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Men’s accessories has been a thriving but previously small sector of the fashion industry, mostly centred on staple pieces such as hats and wrist wear. However, one item that I believe is the most diverse and desirable piece is the backpack. Granted some may see this as only a functional accessory for walkers or campers. But with such a wide variety out there and a strong presence on the catwalk, the rucksack is one piece to invest in.

Whether braving the daily commute or simply venturing out for leisure, a backpack is key for storing essential items, while still inhabiting a youthful element. As a child I remember walking along to school with one so big I looked like an imitation turtle. For us as adults though, choose the correct size for your build. Just as a large bag on my tiny back looked disproportionate, a small bag on a broad back will only look like an afterthought.

As a growing awareness among style-conscious men is rife, so is the need to maintain and preen. Most women think nothing of carrying a handbag fit to burst with products to offer ‘touch ups’ throughout the day and is something men alike can buy into with a rucksack. As a general rule of thumb I will often keep a minimum of: wallet, anti-perspirant, cologne, hat, notebook, make-up and hairspray in my rucksack. Now try fitting all of that into the pocket of your skinny jeans. I swear I sometimes lose a finger just trying to prize a receipt into one at the best of times.

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One bag that I have been fortunate enough to invest in is the Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack. It encompasses the brand identity, with the monogram leather and key details that include the gold plated zip and pullers, creating a truly cohesive and functional item. Granted it was an investment at a great price, but there are a variety of others available that offer a strong design led aesthetic and all the while being functional.

Of course, I am a complete advocate of Topman and its well-directed and thought out pieces. A few of their very affordable backpacks are as follows:


Hype polka dot backpack – This is one not for the faint hearted, as the overbearing splash of colour, may not quite be to everyone’s tastes. The bold pairing of an iconic polka dot print, with a digitally printed paradise fused print, keeps the bag fresh and youthful. With a generous front pocket, this is ideal for housing items such as notebooks, iPad and such like, while the large interior section is again roomy enough for all your other essentials.


Navy technical backpack – If you lean more towards a traditional rambler type backpack, then this is the one for you. The drawstring top hem, gives shape to the bag when closed but once opened creates a generous amount of space for various requirements. The Aertex elasticated edged side pockets are ideal for holding drinks and such like, for festivals or outdoor activities. The well thought out sheared elastic criss-cross panel allows items to be fastened to this, which makes this also great for camping, as well as being a strong design element.

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Holographic backpack – Now let me just catch me breathe with this one, as I’m having a moment. I am a huge fan of holographic fabrics that give a sense of frivolity and this bag doesn’t disappoint. This truly is an eye catching piece and the multi-dimensional colour means it can easily be paired with most outfit colour palette. I just love the mix of tonal, shiny fabric and the matt black side parts, with the classic ravers cartoon face. At a hefty £65, again, as with my Louis backpack, this is likely to be an investment piece.

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