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For years we have been made aware of how important shoes are in a woman’s wardrobe by hit shows such as Sex and the City and films like The Devil Wears Prada. When it comes to men however, this is often not seen to be the case. In today’s increasingly, dare I say it, metrosexual society, men, well some of them, are taking greater pride in their appearance. However, sometimes this can often stop with shoes. It isn’t that men don’t know what shoes to wear necessarily, but some guidance may be needed. Quite often some Nike Blazers or Air Max, Vans or Converse can be the perfect accompaniment to what you are wearing, however you can do yourself and your feet far better justice than this.

There are shoes that every man should have on their shoe rack, a few pairs of trainers or pumps, and a pair of smart/work shoes simply isn’t good enough! Smart or smarter shoes can be worn on any occasion. You don’t have to be going to a wedding or formal event to wear them. It is more than likely that these shoes are a bit worn and for some of you they won’t see the light of day. It is time to change that. Shoes can make or break a look and take it from drab and boring to looking like you know how to put an outfit together. It is time to throw away the belief that women are the only ones who care about what they are putting on their feet. Many men already care quite a lot, and so many more have the potential to. Here are some shoes that every man should have proudly on display on their shoe rack.

suede desert shoes topman

Desert shoes tread the line of smart and casual, and because of this they can become the most worn piece of footwear that you own. They are smarter than a trainer will ever be, but can also add a better look than what trainers usually do. Easily partnered with a pair of jeans or chinos, they can give an effortless look to any outfit. With these shoe care is incredibly important, if you don’t look after them they simply won’t last.

kurt geiger desert boots


Brogues are an iconic shoe that have become increasingly popular again in recent years. They may look like a bold choice of shoe, but trust me they are great to have as part of your arsenal. These can easily be worn for work but can also add a smart edge to a pair of jeans. You don’t have to go all out on the the brogue with various types of perforation available. This can be ideal if you’re a little unsure of them at first. A pair of brogues, some jeans and a casual shirt are the perfect combo for a date that you went to impress.

kurt geiger brogues


topman loafer

Loafers, a shoe that is great for the summer and balances casual and smart perfectly. Don’t let the tassle put you off buying these shoes, they can be a great partner for a pair of skinny jeans, chinos or even shorts. And the other style of loafer, a penny, comes without the tassle and is a shoe that many of you will already be familiar with. Often guys tend to go for the sockless choice when it comes to this style of shoe and this can be a daunting thing. Don’t be afraid of a few blisters at first  just be sure to look after your feet. When winter comes around these shoes can just as easily be worn. They are much more versatile than the boat shoe which is more suited to the summer months.

suede derby dune

The Derby, I have probably said this a number of times, but the other shoes are ones that you should get for your wardrobe. The Derby is a one you need in it. They are one of the most versatile shoes you can buy, many men opt to buy these for work or that special occasion, but like the brogue this shoe can smarten up a pair of jeans. If you’re looking for a smarter look, go for a leather pair in either black or brown. A suede Derby can give a bit more of a casual edge to an outfit.


That is a run down of the shoes I think everyone should have in their wardrobe. Obviously there are many more shoes that you can buy for it, the boat shoe and Oxford being worthy contenders too. No matter which shoe you buy, it goes without saying that if you’re willing to spend a little bit more on them they are going to last you far longer than a cheap pair. Whether they are suede or leather, no shoe will last you a while if you don’t look after them. So if you don’t already have some of these shoes it is time to get shopping!

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