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2014 is well and truly here, and as we all start to emerge from our festive cocoon and start to contemplate going out again, we all understandably want to look our best. So what better way to spend that Christmas money than to invest in beauty products to get that prim and polished look? Warning, there is a lot of Lush!


American Cream Conditioner – Lush – £15.95 – 500g

This is my favourite conditioner ever from one of my favourite companies. Lush take pride in knowing where their ingredients come from and only getting the best, as well as having the product and the ingredients in them tested on people. The vegetarian company not only have great ethics but have fantastic products that truly work.

American Cream Conditioner is double strength but doesn’t weigh down the hair. Packed full of honey, lanolin and strawberries, this smells incredible. Personally speaking, I get quite a bad scalp and this is perfect as the strawberries help to tone the scalp and close the hair follicle leading to an all round better condition.

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub – Lush – £13.25 – 250g

Another Lush favourite, and the worldwide best seller, this facial scrub is full of fruity sass and is perfect for lifting all the dead skin. Infused with vodka, coconut and lemon this is perfect for those that want to wake up for that long night ahead. A little bit naughty, but this will make your skin feel so nice.

John Varvatos Classic Aftershave – £40 – 125ml

This is a relatively new purchase as I got this for Christmas, but this is such a nice, sophisticated scent that is sure to get you compliments. This is a very modern scent and reminds me somewhat of Gucci Guilty, another one of my favourites. Oriental and woody scents merge together to bring a great air of masculinity without being too overpowering.

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray – £5.61 – Boots

This name is a mouthful. I commonly refer to it just as Sea Salt Spray from Umberto Giannini – little less of a mouthful. This stuff is simply fantastic. Just spray onto damp hair and then blow dry. It will leave you hair with that extra bit of texture and volume. Normally I hate the feel of product in my hair but this doesn’t feel like you do – for the most part – and the fragrance is to die for!

Butterball Bath Bomb – Lush – £2.50

Can you tell I have a favourite company? Butterball is one of the best bath bombs I’ve ever tried. It softens and hydrates the skin. It is good for those that are too lazy to put on body lotion, but also for those who have sensitive skin due to all the vanilla infused into this little white ball.

Happy pampering!

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