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As you may know, being a fabulous queen in the city, I surround myself with even more fabulous women. But no one more grungy or quite as chic, as my self proclaimed “husband” Afaf Zahira. With 22 years of age, a 25 inch waist, and the blood of Cleopatra running through her veins, Miss Zahira is making a name for herself as the working socialite of the Upper West Side. As we were both tirelessly typing the night away at Starbucks, waiting to head to the bars, I looked at her, in her low cut razor back grey tank, black lace bandeau and sheer maxi skirt and realized she was the story that needed to be told.

Whether it’s champagne and hors d’oeuvres in a suite at the Waldorf, or frolicking on rooftops with the movers and shakers, Zahira is the best kept secret this side of the Atlantic. Known for her classic grudge style, and knowledge of all that is McQueen, close friends and admirers would describe her as artistic, talented, and slightly bashful. With long voluptuous hair and delectably caramel skin, the men see her as an exotic treat, and these boys are hungry. But never fret, this New York power girl is never impressed. Last time we went out I was lead to a roof top on the Upper Eat Side, where Christa Allen stood nonchalantly with her boyfriend, the producer of a hit Euro film, told quirky jokes, and the man who told the world that crash dieting was a bad idea, explained why smokers have smaller brains. And through it, she was still the centre of attention, but rather than give in to the chipping of desperate boys she hits them with a face palm and demands chivalry and a five star meal, of course.

While I could go on and on about her accolades, I think it’s better if I let her tell it: Oh Miss A…


Where are you from? I was born in a small town in North Carolina but my parents are from Egypt and I lived there for a couple of years.

Where do you live now? On the Upper West Side.

What is your profession? Corporate Fashion Designer and Singer22 Personality

Describe your perfect outfit. Maxi Skirt, sultry tank, platform ankle booties, leather jacket and lots of gold

Fashion go to? Combat boots

Favorite designer brand? BCBGMAXAZRIA

Least favorite trend? Sorority chic

Highlight moment in fashion? “Darling…everyday is a highlight”

Dream job? Professional slacker

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Ripped as fuck and designing for my own brand

Are you in a serious relationship? No. it’s the Single life for me

What is it like dating in the city? It’s a full time job

Your body is sickening. How often do you work out and what do you do? Heavy weightlifting every morning before work

Favorite restaurant? Flame Diner in New York on the West side

What can you not leave your house without? My phone

Going on a blind date. What do you wear? The most butch outfit I can find, plaid
and combat boots

Going on a third date what do you wear? Bodycon dress

Going to the office whom are you wearing? Rag and Bone


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