Parisian Style – Lya Ssame

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As one of the most influential and well established fashion capitals, Paris has housed some of the greatest designers, from Chanel to Dior. Ever since I began my career in design, I have always looked to Parisian designers for inspiration, largely due to the garments always being ultra-chic and timeless. Most recently, Paris has nurtured the amazing talent of designer Lya Ssame and having worked in not only fashion editing, but fashion events designing, this is one designer to make a note of.


Lya first started to create for private clients: evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and wedding dresses. Very quickly she had high-end clients from Russia and Middle East, but also business women from France and Italy. Due to the resounding success of the label, last month Lya sold a dress to a Hollywood A-list name (which unfortunately for us is kept confidential), something Lya prides herself on. She then decided to trial a retail collection, starting with beachwear and accessories: Pareos and Stoles.

The images featured are a few handmade pieces from commissioned work for clients. They have an air of Parisian elegance, yet are so unique in the cut and fabrications that the pieces really sell themselves. Not only are the most beautiful gowns available as bespoke orders, Lya also prides herself on creating wedding pieces.

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But don’t just take my word for it, as a result of this highly sought after service and beautifully crafted designs, Lya has enjoyed glowing feedback from her clients.

For a label in its infancy this is an excellent marker of what’s to come in the next year and onwards.

The commercial collection will be out from April 2015, sold in two exclusive boutiques in Paris and online

Find Lya on Twitter: @LP_Angels.